America Is Invading Somalia NOW in the name of 9/11

This is Daily Bread for Tuesday, September Fifteenth, Two Thousand Nine.  There is no rhyme of the day today, only a scathing piece on the evils of Empire and World Domination in the name of “Justice” for 9/11.

Did you know the US has military bases in and around Africa?  Did you know the US was fighting “terrorists” in Somalia?  (  Yes, building bases and sending troops in to a foreign nation, with no declaration of war except a blanket PATRIOT ACT-WAR ON TERROR FRAUDULENT BASIS, is a crime against humanity.  The USA = NAZI’S.  I stand on that all day long and anyone who wants to argue with me, bring it on.  The truth shall set you free….

I’m sorry to say–anyone who thinks this is a just cause is seriously delusional and fucked up in the head.  I’m so fuckin tired of ignorant Americans and the people that will blindly follow orders.  Humans make me sick and are a pathetic lot.  To think people are willing to brutally murder other people in the name of lies and deception and ignorance, is unfathomable to me.  Somalia is one of the poorest nations in the world and we are sending in squads of helicopter gun-ships to shoot up cars?  Speculating it might be a guy who did this or did that, who might be in a terrorist group…..??? Are you serious?  Who are we fighting for anyway?  Israel?  Fuck Zionist Pigs and Imperial Crusaders.

I’m sorry, but those people in planes and helicopters bombing people on the ground with no means to fight back with such technology–are COWARDS!  IGNORANT, STUPID COWARDS THAT HAVE LOST HUMANITY IN THEMSELVES.  This includes Israelis raiding the Gaza Strip and the West Bank as well as Americans razing people and buildings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and only God knows where else.

And all Americans give a fuck about is who won the football game on Sunday night.

Anyone who wants to argue about the facts, please post a message or comment.  Prove to me the United States of America hasn’t been a totalitarian, fascist, military-dictatorship, on a crusade to economically and militarily invade every nation on this planet, to put the power of control centrally in the hands of the European/American Illuminati and secret societies network.  Do it.

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One comment on “America Is Invading Somalia NOW in the name of 9/11
  1. Joey says:

    Damn, Sun… Get that shit out alright? (in whistle) rweeeooooo

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