War On Terror Arrest For “False Statements”

This is Daily Bread for Tuesday, September Twenty Second, Two Thousand Nine.


The latest so-called “foiled terror plot” by the FBI sounds like another fantasy created in the minds of deranged men desperately reacting in a way to keep a grasp on power.  Wow.  The illusion is fragmenting at a very high rate.  The “authorities” must be feeling fear tremendously these days.   Imagine an awakened public not buying their lies and deceit?  What the world would be like…

Listen if you’re going to allege a terrorist plot of blowing up stuff, you better have the proof.  If you’re arresting and charging people with “false statements”, you have no case!  You are on a phishing expedition!  Get real!  Holy shit you found batteries in his house?  And a scale?  DAMN!  You found a hand-written note on how to make a bomb on the shuttle bus he drives?  In his writing?  Sounds kind of like how you found Atta’s passport in a rental car at the airport…how convenient…

Since 9/11/01, every terrorism charge in this country has been bogus and set up directly by Federal authorities!  The ring leader always turns out to be an agent working for the Feds.  Who’s the terrorists here?  Why is it in Oklahoma City, Waco and New York City in ’93 and ’01, all have had military grade explosives only available from the US military?  Why is it the FBI is always found to be linked to these events from the inside?

Who is the real terrorist bombing women and children and innocent men in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and Somalia?  Who is literally causing hundreds of thousands, even millions in some cases, to become refugees and run from bombs falling out of the sky?  Who is bombing hospitals, schools and homes?

We know who the terrorists are and the fantasy is over.  WAKE UP.

It is convenient to know that an Afghan man is being charged with “false statements” in a terror plot at the same time top US war generals are asking for more troops in Afghanistan, at the same time the Iranian president and also Gadhafi, will be at the United Nation in New York City, at the same time of the Fall Equinox and right before the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh, PA, this week!!!  Liars and fear mongers….

Stadiums & Hotels Warning to Watch For Terrorists

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. ” -Martin Luther King

Fallen Angels + Humanity

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