Daily Bread: World War III Subtle Changes in the Plan

PEACE, this is Daily Bread for Thursday, December Tenth, Two Thousand Nine.

After the last few months, it seems the Brzezinski/Obama Plan has been to refocus on Afghanistan, which in-of-itself is a deception by them.  You see, Congress is still messing with some Clinton-Bush-era tactics of trying to sanction Iran and smear them in the media.  Now, however, Obama-era tactics are to expand the war and cause distraction in order to allow space for Israel to move on Iran, with the assistance of the United States and the British, rather than the United States unilaterally.  Honestly, they don’t care too much about Iraq and Iran because they have other ideas–Russia and China.   They don’t want troops bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they do want troops stationed in the area that can be moved around in smaller, more strategic units.  Think Special Forces and Unmanned Ariel Vehicles.

I read an Op-Ed (hit) piece by (D)–former (R) before he started his “career” as a (D), Arlen Specter (also the LAWyer that came up with the “Magic Bullet Theory” in the Kennedy Assassination) in which he states the need to focus on places like Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan.  He mentioned convincing Pakistan to move all of it’s troops off the Indian/Kashmir border and move them to the Afghan border to fight “Al Qaeda”.  This elusion to Pakistan-India tension points toward Brzezinski’s plan of ultimately expanding this war around China and Russia.  If the fighting intensifies in the region, it has the potential to spill over into western China where there have already been incidents of violence in the last several years.  This escalation will span from Somalia to the Chinese border to the East, including drawing Iran, Israel, and possibly Lebanon and Syria into this, pushing northward to Georgia, Chechnya, and west to Turkey, Ukraine, Serbia, even Greece, and frankly maybe all the way to London itself.  Remember, if they are successful in this endeavor, the bankers will be even more rich with even wider and tighter control over the Earth.  Awareness is key.

On a quick side-note–Iran has recently been expanding it’s “influence” in places like Brazil, Venezuela and Bolivia.  Now, this is (in)directly connected to the conspiracy for world domination because South America has been quietly infiltrated for centuries by Jesuits and for decades by the CIA.  Like I said, all of this is done in the name of money and power by elitist control freaks.  It won’t be enough until the entire planet is under their system of control.  Think United Nations fronting like the savior of the world but is really the anti-christ.  Furthermore on this subject of Latin America, there has been much unrest in places like Mexico and Honduras, to mention a couple places of recent turmoil and opportunity for the conspiracy to infiltrate and take over control of nations.

*How is it that the majority Christian nations of Central & South America relate to majority Muslim Iran?  In their opposition to US/Western imperialism.  In reality, freemasonry connects them (Freemasonry connects Jewish Kaballah, Roman Catholicism, Muslim Sufism–Think Muslim Assassins & Christian Knights).  Don’t forget after the fall of Nazi Germany (Thule Society), which had very close ties to the Middle East (Islam)(Muslim Brotherhood) in it’s opposition to Israel (Jews)(Zionism), war criminals fled with immunity to both North & South America.  All of these opposing forces are in reality human emotion being played, preyed, and manipulated by occult and hidden forces.  The only way to beat their game is to transcend it.  If you can not control your impulses you will fall to their traps, whether they be emotional, psychological, economic or militarily.

The new military-tactic is not  to occupy nations but to station smaller numbers of troops in many nations, projecting even smaller groups into any nation, in any region the “leaders” see fit, that are opposing Western domination of Earth, it’s people and it’s resources.

Have no doubt about it, this war targets the people of the United States just as much as people from countries across the planet.  However, at this stage of the game, the war against Americans is mostly economic and psychological.  This will be done in the hopes to pacify and wear-down the US-public to the point they have no will to physically put up a fight to these tyrants, or the soldiers who take orders and obey the will of these tyrants, no matter what country they were born and/or reside in.

On two other fronts, you had the G-20 Economic Summit a few months ago and now we have the Copenhagen Conference on “Global Warming”.

In conclusion, the tactics may change subtly or drastically, but ultimately, the end-game of world domination and control is in tact and in progress.

“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” -King James Bible

* Nazi Germany had an ongoing relationship with the Pope and the Vatican.  The Jesuits, the “Vatican’s Army”, has had a very large influence over Central and South America and backs armed conflict against the West!  This is controlled opposition. The Vatican also has an ongoing relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, the United States, Britain and Israel! Understand, the main facilitators of this conspiracy/agenda of world domination are the only three independent, city-states on Planet Earth–each of which controls 3 main keys–Spirituality, Economy, & Military–Vatican City, (Center)City of London (not to be confused with Greater London, look it up!), & the District of Columbia.

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One comment on “Daily Bread: World War III Subtle Changes in the Plan
  1. nemo235 says:

    Damn!!! you are dropping some serious Knowledge. Keep on enlightening the worls. Peace

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