Los Angeles Police, FBI Counter Intelligence Monitor Hip Hop Websites?


PEACE to all those reading this report. It doesn’t matter to me if you are an agent for the supposed government or not because we have all become CORPORATE-GOVERNTMENT, FICTIONAL ENTITIES. To the “powers that be”, we are merely “human resources”. I don’t care if you’re a revolutionary hip hop artist, a police officer, a nurse, or teacher; to me, you are all spiritual beings, having a flesh and blood human experience, as am I. We are all part of the collective consciousness whether we are willing to cede to that notion or not. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Now onto a burgeoning idea. Does the US CORPORATE GOVERNMENT and it’s subsidy, the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION and COUNTER INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM consider Hip Hop music a national security threat? If so, why? How does music threaten security when it fosters creativity, self-expression and the articulation of one’s reality and perception thereof? There seems to be more questions than answers at this point. I hope this blog will help bring this conversation out in to the open. The time is now.

Personally, as a politically-charged and outspoken emcee and critic of the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT, and it’s downright criminal activity, I understand why they are possibly putting my website under surveillance. However, at the same time, considering my website has only drawn 15,000 hits in 12 months, I don’t see how their swath is that wide. I am largely unknown and haven’t sold more than 1,000 albums in my entire life. If it is that vast of a digital and electronic surveillance sweep, then it shows how desperate the criminal element of the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT and it’s SUBSIDIES are, to retain their grip on power. I stand-fast and encourage self-empowerment, education, and healthy living to all peoples on our planet. Furthermore, there is no question the honest people exercising integrity, honor, and justice are in a tough position due to the criminal element that has infiltrated our system many years before I was born on this Earth.

Now on to the pudding. Considering my assertion and claim that my site is under possible CointelPro surveillance, I want to garnish what evidence I have. In the early morning of August 7, 2010, I noticed I had 2 hits from Los Angeles, referenced from a site called AudioTruther.blogspot.com. The last article on this blog is about Oscar Grant, a young, black male who was murdered by Oakland Police not long ago. The police officer in the case was charged and found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and received a 2 year prison sentence. Below this article, there is a list of “Allies”, or affiliated websites, the second being SpiritualHipHop.info.

UPDATE 1: I have noticed possible hits from New York City FBI Manhattan, next to the US Treasury and Wall Street, and also a possible hit from Philadelphia FBI office, across from the Federal Reserve, and/or City Hall, which is only several blocks away. This morning there was also a hit from the Oceanside, California Highway Patrol, very close in proximity to Camp Pendleton. I will continue to update this information. At this point I remain as skeptical as you. Let’s investigate further.

UPDATE 2: There was another new hit today, August 10, 2010, from the Port Angeles Coast Guard Station/Homeland Security.

UPDATE 3: 2 New Hits from Kansas City Police and/or Collections Court and the Georgia State Capital in Atlanta.

Please click on the images to get the full view. They appear a bit skewed on the main page but click them to see the full picture.

The first 2 hits of the day on August 7, 2010.

Reference from http://www.AudioTruther.blogspot.com.

Audiotruther.blogspot Reference Link under “Allies” to SpiritualHipHop.info (Under Oscar Grant story)

Plays for Los Angeles Police Department August 7, 2010. (between 2-4am eastern time 11pm-1am pacific)

Los Angeles Police Department 1 Download August 7, 2010 of El*A*Kwents – Transformative Traits digital album. (in 2am eastern time spot)

85 plays by Los Angeles Police Department August 9, 2010.

Philadelphia City Hall Station hit, blocks from FBI and Federal Reserve. August, 9, 2010.

New York City FBI Manhattan office hit? Next to US Treasury, August 10, 2010.

Port Angeles, Washington Coast Guard Air National Guard/Homeland Security hit as of August 10, 2010.

August 15, 2010 – Kansas City Police and/or Collections Court?

August 15, 2010 – Georgia State Capital in Atlanta



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Los Angeles FBI Gov Site


LAPD Counter Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence


LAPD Operation Archangel


LAPD Assertion Their Standards and Procedures Are Not Derived From Codified Law but From Federal Intelligence guidelines.

FBI National Security Branch


Bay Area Artist: On Government Surveillance and the Role of Artists in a Time of War

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US Coast Guard/Homeland Security

COINTELPRO to RAPINTELPRO: Racial Profiling & Hip Hop Surveillance

The War Against Tupac Shakur [VIDEO]

Doe v. Holder : Internet Service Provider’s NSL


Spiritual, Revolutionary Hip Hop Music by El*A*Kwents. Boom Bap Single Out Now@ http://www.elakwents.com http://www.SpiritualHipHop.info

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