Revolutionary Hip Hop Artist Declares Spiritual War

In a case of classical irony, a man who does not attend church, nor believe in religious institutions, has created a song deriving from a Bible quote; “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16).

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania, USA (August 30, 2010) – Knowledge is power, and wisdom is love.  “Wise As A Serpent”, the new single from El*A*Kwents, embraces self-empowerment and universal understanding.  Over an aggressive, orchestral beat by Anno Domini, El*A*Kwents opines, “…the system’s a thug that sells drugs//takes a cut from your business, you can witness the gov//think it’s above man and pose as a dove…”, insisting the public-at-large educate itself on a whole slew of current affairs and past history, amidst other esoteric and occult lyrical references, in order to understand, then over-stand and transcend, the current global, political end-game of complete enslavement.

Simply because you can not see a tangible object does not mean something does not exist.  El*A*Kwents directly links the current decline of economy and culture, to the thinking, feelings, and actions of the masses, influenced by external, yet powerful interests in the fields of economics, politics, and religion.  It is an expression of cause and effect.  Our thoughts manifest into action, all of which can not be tangibly pinned-down as a thing one can grasp.  It is of the mind, a place beyond the mere physical organ of the brain.  It is more than it seems.  Outside forces are manipulating our inner-lives, convincing many to believe they are something they are not.

“Delve deeper, symbols of the keeper of secrets//pyramids and watching eyes…logos like AOL, CBS and Fidelity, what are they tellin’ me?”.  A storyline akin to a spy mystery, “Wise As A Serpent” panders to the curious and inquiring minds of the time.  What is the relationship to symbolism and power?  Is symbolism a hidden language between those “in-the-know”?  Why do they teach high school and college students of economics about the “Invisible Hand”?  Who’s hand is moving things along behind the curtain?

Philosophical notions and spiritual overtones lace and stitch a patchwork of ideas and thoughts, invoking the listener to herald life and the blessings bestowed upon us by a higher power.  Enrich yourself, your being, by experiencing the power of love.  Short-term gratification at the expense of dignity and the succumbing to temptation, rather than the exhibiting of self-control and mutual respect, can cause an entire culture and civilization to go into a downward spiral.  You are free to chose, yet El*A*Kwents warns if we do not begin to chose wisely, and for the benefit of all universally, then we will pay a severe price.

Judge the world’s current state of being by the fruit produced by it’s human machinations and systems.  Unlearn what you were taught, and learn to see the world in the way in which it really works.  Things are deeper than what the surface shows us.  Things are not as they seem.  You can not judge a book by it’s cover, but like a person, by it’s content.

The brand new El*A*Kwents single, “Wise As A Serpent”, will be released exclusively on, in September, 2010.   The single follows up the latest EP released this summer entitled, “Transformative Traits”, also available on the website.

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Spiritual, Revolutionary Hip Hop Music by El*A*Kwents. Boom Bap Single Out Now@

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