I Am My Leadership (Part 1 of 2)

It is apparent to more people now than ever before in human history, that things are not what they seem; otherwise, life ought to be better for everyone. Why is there an abundance of food, water, and endless, renewable resources, yet people (and animals, and the Earth) are suffering, starving, and dying in mass numbers?

I came to the realization at a point in time, as a child, something was wrong with my day to day life, and it was something outside of myself, playing out in the world around me. I listened to, and observed adults saying one thing, yet doing another, all the while scolding children for following their example.

I watched. I listened. I participated. I realized.

I realized if I follow the example the world has shown me, it will lead me to a place I do not wish to be in. It is a place where daily, you are by birthright, through the birth “certificate”, liable and obligated to pay “income” taxes, to what we are told is”democracy”, the “free-market”, and “liberty”; what at first I thought was the government, but overtime, realized was actually a conglomerate of corporations. (Yes, the city, county, state, and federal “governments” are incorporated, business entities, and so are you. (Social Security is your benefit package for being an employee of the UNITED STATES.)) It is a place where you are told you are free to do what you wish, but first you have to make the ends meet and pay the piper; it’s just the way it is. That’s life.

I can not tolerate this unbelievable lie, farce, and fraud. We are taught and told, repeatedly, ad nauseam, that we are free, when in fact we are systematically and methodically oppressed by the cooperative-pyramid of power-brokering groups of special interests, corporations, and governments.

The number one and most serious issue facing the entire planet is the concept and idea of money.

Here is my proposal:

#1 Abolish the Federal Reserve/Internal Revenue Service/World Bank/International Monetary Fund and Outlaw Fractional Reserve Banking and Usury.

We need not pay interest on our money However, we now pay interest on every dollar printed, and, not to pay the national debt, but to pay dividends (i.e.–profits) to Federal Reserve Stockholders–private corporations in a cartel-agreement with the government (Federal Reserve Act of 1913). Contrary to popular-belief, the “Federal Income” Tax does not go toward paying the national debt. The money is a payout to Federal Reserve Stockholders (corporate banks).

Furthermore, fractional reserve banking, the practice of lending out up to ten times as much money as a bank has in their reserves (i.e.–money in the bank vault or physical Federal Reserve Notes), is currently legal under the Federal Reserve System. For example, a bank with $10,000 of cash can “lend” you $100,000, which in actuality is only 10% of real, physical money. This is fraud and deception. There is no equal-value exchange or equity in this system. It’s a profiteer-system based in usury.

It is beyond reason to allow a non-elected, non-accountable, board of 12 men, to dictate the lifeline of a nation of over 300 million human beings. The Federal Reserve Board is “selected” by the “President”, and they control all interest rates, the amount of money to print, and the amount of money, Federal Reserve Notes (i.e.–Promissory Notes), allowed into circulation for public use. All of this is in agreement with the “UNITED STATES TREASURY”, backed by bonds and other monetary instruments at their behest.

The Federal Reserve System was designed and is applied as a mechanism to post profits for those running the system. It does not operate to the benefit of all and the common-good but to the few and the select.

This downright, black magic is literally sucking the life-force from the people of this country and the world. It is a cold, mechanical system of inputs and outputs, levels and controls, that act as an invisible tether to the human-experience, mimicking the necessity of water and air, but in an artificial and obstructive manner. This system existed before the Federal Reserve System and has shown it’s face around the world, and as it stands, the Federal Reserve System has deterred the growth of civilization and the life of the human being everywhere.

The next step is to create a sovereign, interest-free, debt-free, equal-value and equitable banking system, that generates a constant and stable flow of money, to fuel the efficient, clean-running engine of Earth-civilization, for the next century and beyond. Monies will be available for public works, such as water and transportation systems, sanitation, food production, sustainable shelters, architecture, and engineering, and power, to name a few. In addition, monies can be created and dispersed as needed, to fund education, research and development in various technological fields, public gardens and parks, and wellness programs. The utilization and harnessing of energy in the form of money can be used to the benefit of all, and detriment of none. Let us begin.

#2 Divest and Phase-Out Petroleum, Nuclear and Other Harmful, Toxic, Disharmonious Fuels and Extraction Processes; Invest In Sustainable Energy, Transportation, and Technology

Phase-out mainstream use of petroleum. Phase-out drilling on-land and offshore. Phase-out nuclear power. Store all radioactive waste in a place that is safe and can be monitored over generations of time, allowing for transmutation of the radiation through gradual assimilation of information, neutralizing the nuclear threat. Phase-out all harmful and toxic-emitting and disharmonious procedures, and processes, of mineral and elemental extraction. Phase-out all harmful and disharmonious atmospheric, weather, and direct-energy/electromagnetic manipulation through the use of secret and concealed military and black operations, in conjunction with academia and the media to intentionally project falsehood and misleading propaganda to the detriment of humanity and the planet as a whole.

With the abolition of fractional-reserve banking and usury, interest-free money can be invested in innovative, transitional technologies, opening up space to create long-term, stable and renewable energy supplies.

Phase-in various types of wind and solar technology available now. Phase-in both hydrogen and alternative fuels for automobiles like hemp oil and used vegetable oil. Expect some of these fuels and technologies to live a short life-span, completing their purpose of transitioning to an entirely renewable and harmonious energy economy, and then phasing-out. Also, mag-lev trains and extrapolated technologies in transportation, ought to be invested in, effective immediately.

There are very promising prospects in the energy sector, with more and more independent people, gaining knowledge, experience and applicability, in the fields of magnetic-levitation, electromagnetic motors, zero-point energy (tapping the vacuum of space), hydro, solar, wind, perpetual-motion-motors, free-battery technology, plasma, as well as possible alternative and interim fuels such as hydrogen, hemp, and used vegetable oil. Some of these technologies can be used in tandem and will compliment each other in certain applications. The possibilities are as limitless as the imagination. With the right foundation and support to build upon, we are within the means of a totally evolutionary-step toward human freedom and Earth-stewardship.

#3 Universal Access to Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean and Healthy Food, and Earth-Friendly, Energy-Efficient Shelters

Without question, all living beings on this planet have a right to exist here. Clean and safe air, water, food, and shelter, are necessities for all life to live and sustain itself. It is inherently the right of all people to have access to these life-supporting elements of survival.
\We have a more than vast source of usable materials available that can be recycled, that are safe, and can be applied to building safe and sustainable homes and shelters, as well as other municipal buildings, schools, hospitals, and more. It is imperative we recycle and reuse as much as possible. Architects and engineers are increasingly tapping into this source of building materials to lower costs, and raise effectiveness in areas like insulation, which in return, causes lower energy consumption.

Organic and natural bio-systems, using plants, rocks and other materials, have been created as water filtration systems. These new techniques use the power of nature to purify drinking water and avoid the use of dangerous chemicals that cause cancer and other debilitating diseases.

The use of chemicals in the soil, and in farming, needs to be corrected, along with other areas effecting the soil, like aerosol spraying, in various forms, as well as air pollution from old, dirty industry, and acid rain. Our food supply is currently in danger due to all the chemicals contaminating the soil, water, and air. Our fruits and vegetables are lacking nutrients and some even have massive amounts of chemicals on/in them. Add on to the problem, the complication and corruption of genetically-modified seeds and plants, and the danger begins to show it’s face at every turn. We need an interconnected system of harmony that must be adapted and adopted, as soon as possible, or we face imminent mass-death and potentially the end of civilization and humanity. We have a choice, and we must act now.

#4 We Need to Change the Way We Think

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” -Albert Einstein

As the adage goes, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity”. We have continued, over and over for decades and decades, pursuing the same policies, domestic and foreign, with obvious negative and harmful effects. To continue any further down this road, in the current direction is madness.

#5 Unlearning and New Education

We need to unlearn the lies and myths we have had crammed into our heads by the media, the school system, and the government, and begin clearing our neural pathways for rewiring. We need to let go of belief systems that tangibly and innately show and prove any harmful effect on the human experience. It is time to open up and embrace different beliefs, cultures, ideas, and ways of thinking and living. We can enrich our experiences and our lives by simply moving our viewpoint and outlook to a new angle, and/or to a new perspective or vantage point. This will allow us to gather new, untapped information that can be acclimated into our consciousness and used for the betterment of humanity. The time is now.

Somethings to consider:

Esoteric Symbols and Origin of Money

14th Amendment Citizenship (Federal Citizenship, Birth Certificate, Social Security Number, Income Tax)

Operation Northwoods (Domestic False-Flag Terrorism)

Click to access northwoods.pdf

Operation Paperclip (Nazis)

MK Ultra (Mind Control)

Confessions of an Economic Hitman (John Perkins)

H.A.A.R.P. (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)

Project Blue Book (UFO’s/extraterrestrial life)

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