If this is freedom, then why does it feel like a trap?

If I am free, then why do I feel like a servant to a corrupted, self-proclaiming elitist-class of occult bankers and greedy, power-hungry corporate fascists?

If this is freedom, then why are most people forced to toil at a job they hate, just to make ends-meet?

If all men are created equal and guaranteed an equal right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, then why are most people depressed and on drugs, or addicted to harmful substances and/or destructive behavior?

If life is what we make it, then why do we continuously create a mess to live in?

If humanitarian missions are for the benefit and liberation of all, then why are so many innocent people mass-murdered for their own protection, and then labelled as “collateral”?

If we live in a just and truthful world, then why do the words, policies, and actions of so-called public-servants and government bare only rotten and poisonous fruit?

If we are a free-thinking and open society, then why do we have so many institutions of indoctrination;  why are the masses looked upon as “human resources” by secret, shadowy groups with hidden agendas and blueprints for totalitarian control?

If there is equal opportunity, then why are we forced to fill out government forms that identify us by race, sex, religion, and/or ethnicity?

If the Federal Reserve is part of the government, then why does the Treasury have to pay them interest taking the debt off our backs and from our blood, sweat, and tears?

If we are promoting peace, then why do we have endless wars over politics, resources, and power?

If I strive to live a life of peace, harmony and constructiveness, then why do I point out negativity and emphasize all the hate and corruption in our world?

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