The Blood Moon and the Grand Cardinal Cross. What does that mean?

I’m not an astrologist, nor am I an astronomer.  What I do know is that celestial events create energetic activity that permeates the cosmic fabric of the universe (probably multiverse), including every living thing right down to this little blue dot we call Earth.  So what is the history of Earth during past blood moons and Grand Cardinal Crosses? [Grand Cardinal Cross meaning certain astronomical alignments of planets, stars, and other heavenly bodies read by astrologers as a forecast of energies effecting individuals and civilization as a whole.]  Bluntly stated, the history of past blood moons has been full of war, oppression, and lawlessness.

“…we have had blood-red moons on the first day of Passover and the first day of Sukkot on back-to-back years seven times since 1 A.D. Three of these occurrences were connected to 1492 (the final year of the Spanish Inquisition), 1948 (statehood for Israel and the War of Independence), and 1967 (the Six-Day War) — some of the most significant days in Jewish history.

The others were in 162/163 A.D., 795/796 A.D., 842/843 A.D. and 860/861 A.D. We don’t have any historical connections for these years at this time, but we do know of significant Jewish persecution during the eighth and ninth centuries.

In all eight examples, the eclipses have fallen or will fall on the first day of Passover and Sukkot.

The eighth occurrence of back-to-back, blood-red moons will be in 2014–2015.” (SOURCE: World Watch Daily)

Without understanding the methods of astrology, we can still take a look at this chart to understand the implications of this Grand Cardinal Cross.

Cardinal_Grand_Cross_April_2014_diagram(IMAGE SOURCE:

The USA is a Cancer. Right now, Jupiter resides in Cancer. So, we can concur that the US is represented by Jupiter and has Jupiter-style tendencies because their native sign is triggered.  The European Union is an Aries. Right now, Uranus is in Aries. So, we can conclude that the European Union is currently represented by Uranus, because it resides in the native sign of Aries.Russia is a Capricorn. Right now, Pluto resides in Capricorn and therefore Russia is represented by Pluto in Capricorn. The Cardinal Grand Cross involves Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto, and can also be viewed as a square between the USA, the EU, and Russia. Spookily, each planet is clearly representative of the countries involved.” (SOURCE:

To further complicate matters, we know that the month of April has been full of wicked attacks–Waco, Texas, Oklahoma City Bombing, Columbine, Virginia Tech, BP Oil rig in Gulf of Mexico, Boston Bombing, and probably others…

So you ask, what is the purpose of all this seemingly negative information?  The purpose is to be consciously aware of our surroundings and dark tendencies that must be overcome.  We must confront these issues, intend to harness the energy and the opportunities, and focus on transforming ourselves and our entire planetary civilization into a better version.  It must be a planetary civilization that is more equitable, fair, and of service to humanity, not an elite class of dark overlords in pursuit of naked power, aggression, and manipulation, above or over the rest of humanity.  We will transform and change ourselves from the inside, outwardly changing the world forever and for the betterment of all involved.

Let cooler heads prevail…with the situations in Ukraine, Syria, across the European Union, the United States, and Russia heating up, we need to urge a firm yet calm attitude.  We will not be bullied.  We will stand our ground.  We are peaceful and constructive and will not allow ourselves to react to provocations intended to ensnare us in slavery, whether it be in the form of violence or subversion.  We have no time for anymore of those silly little political games of deception and tyranny.  The time is here and now…

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