The Oligarch VS. an individual: Cliven Bundy is Not Racist

Do you believe the oligarchy-controlled mainstream mass media gossip or an individual willing to put it all on the line for his belief in freedom for himself, his family, and for his country?  For me, the is answer is clear.  I don’t know Cliven Bundy, I have never met Cliven Bundy, and I might not agree with him on everything from his perspective and perception; However, I do know how to discern in this reality relatively proficiently and diligently investigate with conscious awareness before determining my belief in something.  I believe Cliven Bundy to be speaking honestly, yet perhaps not very exacting or eloquently.

At this point in time, under this current, global situation of darkness and tyranny, it has become almost laughable to read anything that comes out on television cable news.  As already asserted, cable news aka mainstream or mass media, is owned by literally only a few corporations which are property of even fewer families, largely of North America and Western Europe.  These families and corporations have a massive influence over governments, benefiting greatly from this influence financially and politically.  In fact, they pretty much outright and openly own governments across the planet through banks and political organizations and so-called think-tanks.  You can argue if you wish, but this is not open for a debate.  The facts are available and open for all to find and ultimately accept or deny on an individual basis.  The choice is yours.

When all is said and done, of course the government first labeled Cliven Bundy a domestic terrorist, specifically Nevada Senator Harry Reid (Harry Reid Calls Bundy supporters Domestic Terrorists), and now the media has misconstrued some of Bundy’s statements making him out to be a hateful racist who is out-of-touch with reality.  This very much seems to be a case of total slander, propaganda, and unequivocal deception on the part of the government and the Oligarchy-owned and controlled mainstream media.  Again, the facts are available and indisputable to those willing to see with their eyes and hear with their ears.  Or you can believe hear-say and second-hand gossip construed to fit the agenda of control for the few over the many via the mainstream-media-cable-television-news.

Click Image for Source.

Cliven Bundy with Black FriendHere is an excerpt of an interview of Cliven Bundy with Alex Jones on April 24, 2014.

“I know black people want freedom, and I know that their souls are good, individually I know that.”

“…there is no difference between them and us, we’re all the same…”

“…why this subject was brought up, is we had a party, a gathering here last friday, and I invited the ethical groups because very few of them come.”

“I questioned, why aren’t you people here?  And so I expressed some of my feelings here…and they made it sound like I was prejudiced.  I wasn’t prejudiced, I was actually inviting them to the party.”

“I want all races to come and enjoy this public land.”

“Right now there is a black man right in my front yard, right now, in the militia, and he has been protecting my family.  He’s been coming to my home, eating with me and eating with my family.”

Cliven Bundy on Alex Jones Show Full Interview (Skip to 9 mins for start of interview)

CNN interviews black Army veteran Jason Bullocks who is standing with Cliven at his ranch in Nevada.

Now look at this video clip here posted on the White House-controlled youtube channel, Media Matters For America and how it cuts out everything else Bundy said, only leaving what is easily misconstrued as racist when taken out of context.

Furthermore, as the following video clip explains, even if Cliven Bundy were a hateful racist, that still does not negate the Federal government’s absolute dictatorial motivations and behavior.  Even your most hateful thoughts and opinions are lawful when you are free to express your true feelings.  A racist has every right to be hateful if they want.  You don’t have to like it, but the reality is everyone has a right to their own thoughts and expression.  Now where the law is broken is when an individual violates another individual by vandalizing or stealing their property, physically assaulting them, harassing them, or murdering them.  Otherwise you can think and say whatever you want.  It’s a free country…

In conclusion, the orchestration of this propaganda against Cliven Bundy is see-through, deceptive, and pretty damn wicked.  The federal government (the District of Columbia is a for-profit corporation) is obviously desperately attempting to assert power and control it has no authority to exercise against the states or individuals.  When this all comes to some sort of closing, at some time in the near future or down the line, it will be evident that the corporate federal government is acting like a dictatorship, not a sovereign republic.

End of transmission.  Over and out.  Peace.

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