What is Spiritual, Revolutionary Hip Hop?

Peace and power to the people,

I often get questions about what exactly I mean by labeling my music as spiritual.  People ask me if I’m a Christian rapper, or am I Muslim or Jewish?  I’m none of those things, yet partially all of those at the same time.  There are aspects and dimensions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism that I deeply embrace and respect.  For an example of inspiration from each–I take from Judaism and the written Torah, the Creation of man in the image of the Elohim, the exodus of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt, and the story of David verse Goliath (all shared in common with Christians).  More broadly, from Christianity I know that love is the way and peace is the path, and from Islam, I take the importance of knowledge and understand the battle being waged within oneself by good and evil forces.

Those are the three religions people ask me about most often in regards to what I mean by saying my music is spiritual.  I am less often asked about, but no less inspired by, my thoughts on Buddhism, Hinduism, or what is referred to as New Age.  Buddhism taught me about yin and yang, how to find and maintain balance through inner work, aka meditation, as well as the Middle Path (neither excess nor deprivation).  Hinduism taught me again of the forces in the Universe at odds with each other through the Hindu Trinity of Brahma (Creation), Vishnu (Protection and Preservation), and Shiva (Destruction).  The New Age spiritual paradigm taught me about my place in this Creation to act as a force for Higher, Divine Power that is embedded within my very being and is the essence of my Earthly experience.  I help create my own paradigm and the collective reality through my thoughts, my words, and my actions.

Then there is what is labeled pagan religion like that of the Wiccans, Druids, and American Indian tradition of spirituality.  I learned from Wicca that the Earth, Mother Gaia, is a living, sentient being in service to creation.  The Druids are natural healers and understand and use cosmic forces to assist in aiding humanity, just as the Wiccans and American Indians do.  American Indian tradition teaches of the Great Creator and Creation, the importance of living in harmony with our brothers and sisters, and to live in harmony with, and to honor the Earth as sacred land, not to be owned or exploited, but to be cherished and cared for with the utmost respect and care.  We are the stewards of the planet.

I learned from Sumerian tablets about Anu and his sons Enlil and Enki and their hand in creating man to be their servants who, in return, worship these beings as gods from the heavens.  There are others and more to add to the ones already cited, but I’m not writing a book today…

Now that you have a little bit of information to work with let me ask a question.  What does Spiritual, Revolutionary Hip Hop mean to me?  Spirituality to me is all inclusive of all activity of my daily life and beyond.  The experience of living on this planet is of a highly spiritual order and nature for me.  Just observing myself and my existence here and now, contemplating what exactly I am, who I am, how I got here and why am I here, are all spiritual.  How can it not be?  The spiritual part contends with living in a world wrought with tragedy, malicious violence, willful ignorance, and self-indulgence.  This planet to me is an undeclared spiritual battlefield, only perceived as such by those with eyes to see and ears to hear.  I am a soldier, a protector and preservationist of and for creation, for creativity, and my choice-weapon is music.  My music is beats and rhythms, riffs, melodies, bass and lyrics.  My music is Hip Hop.

So what of revolution then?  No, it’s not about violently overthrowing governments.  To me, what I mean by revolutionary, is that I’m all about creating a radical change in perception, to change the way an individual sees the world we live in, from the individual, to the planetary, galactic, universal, and multi-versal gambit of human comprehension.  Revolution is about the end of a cycle and starting anew in the next phase of consciousness.  My music is revolutionary because it challenges not only spirituality and established religions, but it also pushes the art form of Hip Hop music to new realms of thought and experience through provocative lyricism and hypnotic, multi-dimensional musical scores.

Spiritual, Revolutionary Hip Hop is taking individual creativity, working cooperatively with other individuals, collaborating with higher, divine realms of sound, thought form, speech, emotion, intellect, and expression, to empower, to teach, to learn, and to experience all that life has to offer.  This is what Spiritual, Revolutionary Hip Hop means to me, and it is an extension of my very essence in this life and into the next one, into the next dimension, connecting the past, present, future and all times and all dimensions, transcending any concepts of limitation of space and time.  Spiritual, Revolutionary Hip Hop is, was, and always will be, now and forever, both timeless and infinite.  Spiritual, Revolutionary Hip Hop is me.


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