7 Principles, 4 Strategies and 5 Tactics For a New Era

by El*A*Kwents | New Hampshire, united states of America | August 15, 2014

     First and foremost, let it be known that this document has been prepared for the people, with the clear intent to be used by those willing to stand up and make constructive, individual change from within. Furthermore, with clarity, let it be known when making reference to the people, that this is inclusive of all people, of all hues, backgrounds, belief-systems, and professions; whether you are a teacher, a student, a farmer, an artist, a lawyer, a cop, a nurse, a doctor, a banker, work in business, or something different, you are an individual who makes up the collective known as the people. This is for you.

Without principles to build a foundation of support for your life, you are potentially in a state of confusion, doubt, hypnosis, manipulation, and fear. You might find your beliefs coming into question as you witness the world around you defying what you thought and held as the facts of life. What becomes necessary is to know with confidence, that principles based on Universal Law are immutable by nature and have stood throughout the ages of all mankind, planetary-wide. If I hold a stone in my hand out in front of me and open my hand, then the stone will drop to the ground at the same speed, every time, anywhere I drop a stone on Earth. It’s undeniable.

Let me illustrate an example of how this can be applied to this so called real-life…I’m a bully, and time and time again, I talk people down, push and shove them, punch and kick them, and spit on them. It is only a matter of time until an individual stands up to me with equal or greater force to stop my violations. An angry, enraged victim might go as far as to terminate my life. It’s undeniable.



  1. Initiation of force is prohibited, and the only exception is in self-defense.
  2. Stealing is prohibited – This includes stealing property or life.
  3. Interference is prohibited – Manipulation is interference.
  4. Allow others to follow their heart and their path.
  5. Value yourself – Have self-esteem and self-worth.
  6. Set your willful intentions, and give them attention.
  7. Look within for guidance, and follow your heart with mental and emotional clarity and intelligence.



  1. Build a personal, spiritual relationship with the divine in a way that feels right to you, for our inner-guidance and strength is our will to thrive, with a fortified spirit.
  2. Build relationships in your community beyond your friends and family with the purpose of supporting and enlivening individuals and the collective, for the establishment and sustainability of peace, prosperity, and security.
  3. Create individual, group, and community projects in all fields of interest, be it a garden, food co-op, shelter program, a park, planting trees, donating time or money to charity, music, art, science, economy, technology, or anything you have the will to participate in.
  4. Use learning and education to empower individuals, for knowledge applied becomes the realization of wisdom, leading to good will, cooperation, and abundance.

NA-CC296A_HANDS_G_20140811175310                                               (Getty Images)


  1. Self-reliance – You are an indivisible individual, independent, and resourceful.
  2. Noncompliance – If you disagree with something or feel it is harmful, destructive, manipulative, or interfering with your well-being, then just say no!
  3. Neutralize aggression, deescalate, stand your ground, and stay calm.
  4. Disengage individuals and groups of individuals who are habitual violators, meddlers, manipulators, and who are destructive. Entangling with negative, dark forces will give those forces greater power. Fighting is compliance to the bully who wants to pull you into their games. Refuse to play with them until they learn to play with respect for you and for your principles.
  5. Cooperate – Focus and work on creative endeavors that support your well-being and the community at-large.

El*A*Kwents holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, is a writer, lyricist, emcee, beat-maker and a wholehearted Hip-Hop head, with vision and for a purpose. He holds communication in a scientific, academic, and spiritual light, for as individuals we commune with divinity (god, creator, source, nature) and live within communities (society and culture). Communication comes in many mediums—it can be in face-to-face meetings or through the use of devices—we transmit and relay speech, written language, symbols, graphics, images, and emotions (energy). El*A*Kwents has performed his music from Manchester, New Hampshire to Orlando, Florida and has launched and participated in endeavors including The Last Days Project, Global Alliance of Insurgent Artists, PorAmor (Central Pennsylvania Hip Hop Festival), Skies the Limit Productions (STLP Studio + Indie Label), Sovereign Element (Organic Clothing), and SpiritualHipHop.info.





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