Superiority vs Supremacy? What’s the difference? (UPDATED)

by El*A*Kwents | New Hampshire, united states of America | August 18, 2014


With the ongoing civil unrest and social anxiety, again, being inflamed and spiraling out of control by diabolical calls to divide and conquer each other, for the sake of life itself, liberty, and happiness, we must unite in a transcending framework to overcome–to overstand–the great schism of our age.  With many different factions manipulating their minion-pawns and others engaging in racial-supremacy ideologies and practices, the crumbling environment of cultural and systematic decay is expected.  Now, for an individual’s right-to-life and the liberty to pursue their life and happiness, we must, by the law of necessity, neutralize interference.  Additionally, any harmful, manipulative, and destructive forces harnessing or brandishing the false-claim to god-given supremacy, must be neutralized, or consequently, domination of one group of beings over another in bondage will inevitably ensue.  I am starting with the definitions and the etymology of the following two words: 

superior (adj.)

late 14c., “higher in position,” from Old French superior “higher, upper” (Modern French superieur), from Latin superiorem (nominative superior) “higher,” comparative of superus “situated above, upper,” from super “above, over” (see super-).

Meaning “higher in rank or dignity” is attested from late 15c.; sense of “of a higher nature or character” is attested from 1530s. Original sense was preserved more strongly in French (as in les étages supérieur “the upper stories”), and in Lake Superior, a loan-translation of French Lac Supérieur, literally “upper lake” (at 600 feet above sea-level it has the highest surface elevation of the five Great Lakes and is the furthest north).


word-forming element meaning “above, over, beyond,” from Latin super-, from adverb and preposition super “above, over, on the top (of), beyond, besides, in addition to,” from *(s)uper-, variant form of PIE *uper “over” (cognates: Sanskrit upari, Avestan upairi “over, above, beyond,” Greek hyper, Old English ofer “over,” Gothic ufaro “over, across,” Gaulish ver-, Old Irish for), comparative of root *upo “under” (see sub-). In English words from Old French, it appears as sur-. The primary sense seems to have shifted over time from usually meaning “beyond” to usually meaning “very much,” which can be contradictory. E.g. supersexual, which is attested from 1895 as “transcending sexuality,” from 1968 as “very sexual.”


su·pe·ri·or·i·tynoun \su̇-ˌpir-ē-ˈȯr-ə-tē, ˌsü-, -ˈär-\

: the quality or state of being high or higher in quality

: the belief that you are better than other people

: the quality or state of being larger, stronger, etc., than others

su·peradjective \ˈsü-pər\

: extremely good

1a :  of high grade or quality

b —used as a generalized term of approval <a super cook>

2:  very large or powerful <a super atomic bomb>

3:  exhibiting the characteristics of its type to an extreme or excessive degree <super secrecy>


supreme (adj.)

1520s, from Middle French suprême (15c.) and directly from Latin supremus “highest,” superlative of superus “situated above,” from super “above” (see super-). Supreme Being “God” first attested 1690s; Supreme Court is from 1689.


su·preme –  adjective \sə-ˈprēm, sü-\

: highest in rank or authority

: highest in degree or quality : greatest or highest possible

1:  highest in rank or authority <the supreme commander>

2:  highest in degree or quality <supreme endurance in war and in labour — R. W. Emerson>

3:  ultimate, final <the supreme sacrifice>


I went to the extent of including all of this information verbatim, for the intent of bringing forth comprehension as to what exactly this notion with genetic/racial superiority/supremacy implies.  By illustrating the in-depth definition of the words superiority and supremacy, we find the root-word of both to be–super/supre.  We see that to view oneself as genetically or racially super, as in, above-and-beyond all other manifestations of genetics and so-called racial beings, is to put oneself on a pedestal to be obeyed as master or worshiped as gods by the inferior races; for to be super is to be either god’s chosen race or better-yet, to be god in the flesh.  If this is not the height of all folly and arrogance, then what is?


Who in their right-mind–not their white-mind, black-mind, negro-mind, caucasian-mind, asian-mind, american-mind, reptilian-mind, mammalian-mind, or whatever-other-type-of-racial-mind these supreme beings choose for themselves–has a belief system that insists all others outside of their own group bow to them as the chosen or superior ones? (Yes, of course they determine who qualifies and who does not qualify as meeting the requirements of the group because, remember, they know best.) I argue dis-eased minds are the cause to the harmful effect of a racial/genetic/gender supremacy-complex, believing or holding oneself to be superior to all the rest by the sanctity of god, or by believing you are actually a god or thee god-in-the-flesh.  This cause (genetic/racial supremacy) is rooted in a most subtle, subterranean trojan-horse or parasite of an individual’s spiritual core, growing from jealousy, resentment, self-pity, and inner-hatred.  This inner-turmoil boils outwardly into the world as spiteful agitation, manifesting in sinister forms such as racism, predatory spiritualism, sexism, nationalism, and classism, that lends itself to escalations into violence and outright war between different groups.

new black panthers

Group A says, “hey, look at all the great things we did and how great we are; we are the best around!”  Group B says, “hey, hey, look at us, WE did all these great things and look how great we are; WE are the BEST, BEST around here!”  Group C steps in and says, “HEY, HEY, HEY, LOOK HERE BECAUSE WE HAVE ACHIEVED THE GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS, AND WE ARE THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME; WE ARE THE BEST, BEST, BEST IN THE UNIVERSE!”

Leader A of Group A gathers his superior warriors together and tells them to prepare to strike.  Leader A cries, “Let us get together with Group B, for the enemy of our enemy is our friend.  With Group B working under our direction, they will be preoccupied as we infiltrate them, to ultimately annihilate them from within, for we are the smartest of the smart.  Convincing them to join us for their protection and mutual defense against Group C is a sign of our supremacy.”

Leader B of Group B tells his soldiers, “Look, we are aligning our supreme forces with those of Group A, and they are believing themselves to be so cunning.  However, as the supreme rulers of this planet, we know all the strategical and tactical maneuvering of the art of war.  We will lull them into complacency, trusting us to commit fully to the war against Group C.  We have already unleashed our assassin team to take out Leader A and Leader C from Group C.  We reign supreme.”

Leader C of Group C convenes a round-table discussion of his closest advisers.  “Supreme Commanders, our Superior Intelligence Agency has unveiled both a war plan by Group A against us and an assassination plot against myself by Group B, and this will not be tolerated by such inferior groups.  As the greatest group in the history of mankind, we know all of the oldest tricks, all of the trades, from all the greatest books written, and we will weaponize economics and engage in psychological warfare against the weak ones.  We will put fear in them and cause confusion and chaos among their ranks.  Those fools will defeat themselves with their own stupidity and pride,” declares Leader C.

la raza

The lesson of the story is that when inner-conflict, deriving from delusions of self-perceived superiority or supremacy, erupts outwardly into this third-density, three-dimensional world as violence and war, it has tremendous consequences for individuals involved, and also, for the impacted societies and cultures ensnared by it.

The best of the best ought to be judged by an individual’s merit, character, and intent, with a knowledge and understanding that the best of the best is subjective and, furthermore, changes with time, for the universe is forever moving, changing, transforming, and evolving.  Thus, it is allowable to have an opinion on who you think is the best sports player, the best politician, the best artist, the best doctor, etc, because it is subjective and your right to freely choose what you like.  To the contrary, claims to racial and/or genetic supremacy treads on the allowance of others to exist free from subjugation, and this constitutes a violation against the right-to-life of every individual outside of the group, making such philosophies or religions based on these false-claims, in-fact, dangerous and deadly.  When individuals and groups form a belief-system around this alleged supremacy, its decree is not merely exclusivity, but a claim laid to total and absolute domination of all other individuals and groups, without question, for human animals and cattle are useless eaters to the gods and their chosen people.


Vladimir Zeev_Jabotinsky_uniform Irgun ZionistMugabe_1982_ckim-jong-il-young

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