ATTENTION Ferguson & America: CALLING ALL Artists, Business Owners, Builders & Free People Everywhere

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Look, I’m not here and now, asking–any-one–to forgive or forget what is going on at this moment, but what I am asking, is for people to consider a vastly new approach to dealing with the ongoing situation of an escalating police state, and also in dealing with their own emotions.  Please consider that this police state is merely but one tentacle of a giant octopus, with many different tentacles reaching into your life at every turn, in the name of government, protection, public safety, and service.  This is, for the most part, one of the biggest lies ever told to any people, anywhere.  Throughout history, slavery was out in the open for all to see, and any disobedience to the master was forbidden.  Unfortunately, not much has changed since the dawn of human existence, for we are still in bondage, yet many fail to perceive, to truly see, that our shackles are still there, though invisible to the naked-eye.  How then, can you ever free yourself from bondage, when in fact, you already believe you are free?  The grim answer is that you can not, and will not, free yourself from a form of slavery that is so subtle, you can not even perceive it being there–until–you acknowledge it’s existence.  If you made it this far, then go on…

What I propose is creative and constructive cooperation in a variety of forms.  Where are the Ferguson and St. Louis-area Hip Hop heads at?  Where are the emcees, dj’s, graff artists, bboys and bgirls at?  Where’s knowledge, wisdom, and understanding at?  Where are the poets, the writers, and the performers?  Where are the percussionists, the horn and string players?

Where are the First Nation peoples in the St. Louis area?  Where are the elders?  Where are your drumming circles and peace pipes at?

Where are the whole-hearted, peace-loving Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, or other spiritually-centered people?  Where are your prayer circles and meditation groups?  Where is the spiritual guidance, insight, and inspiration for the community, particularly the youth.

Can the Hip Hoppers get a cypher in the park?  Who can bring drums?  Where are the best parks and city-spaces, the commons, that people can congregate at, peaceably, to bring healing and revival to the community?

Get your people together to clean up the neighborhood.  Start a community garden.  Work with local businesses and landowners, with the city, to build new local parks and common areas for recreation and events.  What else can you think of to put your rising emotions and energies to constructive, creative, and cooperative use?  Build yourself with self-esteem and self-respect, your neighborhoods with dignity, and your city with liveliness.

If you have grievances with the city, or with the government, or with the police department, then go about handling them in a constructive and creative manner.  Being reactionary, overly-emotional til the point of losing control, and just plain-old acting ignorant and like a punk, is not going to help your cause when true injustice and misfortune comes your way.  You need to learn to handle yourself with discipline, control, focus, and with willful intent to accomplish goals for yourself, for your family, your friends, and your people.  In the end, it’s on you to take things into your own hands.  What are you gonna do?




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