Why I Refuse to Vote. The Science of Noncompliance.

I hear it around election time like a hive-mind command from the central-brain: “If you don’t vote, then you have no right to bitch and complain.”  This is an example of false-logic and falls out of the mouth of hardline Democrats and Republicans.  As if Democrats and Republicans are the only options?

Who, by what parties and platforms of politics, has led us to this point, facing the abyss, and are telling me to trust them to move forward in the right direction?  Where is that? Off the edge of the cliff?  No thanks.  I’m defiant, non-compliant, and refuse to play in a rigged game.

When Democrats and Republicans run a campaign based upon one issue, or perhaps a few issues, that their party and the “other” party have staged, framed, and proposed for the sole purpose of gathering public support, I have to question their motivations due to the outcome of everything that led to this point.  This so-called campaigning is social engineering at it’s height, and again, I will not comply.

Example: Let people vote on medical and recreational use of marijuana.  It is more than obvious to everyone by now that marijuana is not as dangerous as alcohol, yet alcohol remains “legal” because the government makes money off it.  Prohibition has failed in every attempt because prohibiting the use of a plant by man, is unlawful.  Man has no authority to tell another man what he can or can not utilize for his own personal use and benefit, at no harm to any other individual.  The government is “legalizing” marijuana to tax you, not to appease you.  Besides, millions of people smoke marijuana everyday and harm nobody, despite it being “illegal”.

Thousands of other Americans are in prison for marijuana laws, under the Controlled Substance Act.  It is en-FORCED by guns and throwing people in cages.  You think voting for politicians who already think this en-FORCING is legitimate, but their attitude is, “hey, we need some money so let’s just tax it”, is going to make things better?  Look at how the government is already treating people who harm nobody and what they are doing with the taxes they collect.  We are over $18,000,000,000,000 in debt!!  “Legalizing” and taxing marijuana is not gonna change anything!  I will not comply.

Here is just a few reasons I refuse to vote.  Let’s call them grievances.

No independent investigation of 9/11 and not even brought up at all

No questioning the war on terror

Majority of budget goes directly to Military Industrial Complex

No opposition to Prison Industrial Complex

Bail-outs to criminal enterprises called corporations

No opposition to the PATRIOT ACT

No opposition to the Military Commissions Act

No opposition to the National Defense Authorization Act

No opposition to the War on Drugs

The Department of Justice is selling weapons to Mexican Drug cartels

The Department of Defense is arming terrorists all over the world

The Central Intelligence Agency is running drugs all over the world

No opposition to the NSA

Is there a need to go on?

I won’t comply.  Until the criminals are arrested and charged with their crimes and given their right to a speedy trial by jury of their peers, I refuse to vote.

I wrote an article titled, 7 Principles, 4 Strategies and 5 Tactics, back in August if you want to explore the idea of Noncompliance more in-depth.  Feel free to check it out.

“Noncompliance – If you disagree with something or feel it is harmful, destructive, manipulative, or interfering with your well-being, then just say no!”


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