A New Model of Perceiving Politics

A New Model of Perceiving PoliticsA Polar-Duality is more concise in determining the effects and the direction of politics, having four reference points (x and y axis – left-right-up-down), rather than a dualistic model (x-axis only – left-right), based on two reference points, (left-right or liberal-conservative or democrat-republican).  The four points in the Polar-Duality model consist of the left, right, top, and bottom or–liberal, conservative, freedom, and tyranny.  Consider this, what if you were stranded in the woods and your compass only said North and South on it?  Do you think you can find your way?

Polar-Duality Model

A 2-party system is a duality and is inherently by nature, diabolical.  It creates an environment of it’s either “us” or “them”.  In reality, there is always more than two sides to every story, and every choice.  Marketing has conditioned many people to accept this duality, which is an illusion of choice.  You can have Coke or Pepsi.  Well, what if I don’t want Cola?  What if I don’t even want soda at all?  Why limit yourself to an alleged choice being propped up by people who have the intent to sell you on something you don’t need, to enrich themselves, at your expense?

If we transpose the Polar-Duality Model over the 2-party Duality (Diabolic) Model of the current Congress, along with the last 100 years, with observance of the policies and decisions, we see most of the activity (liberal or conservative) has been and continues to be–tyrannical.

In a political system that has made war against it’s own people, withholding your vote, if done intentionally and with purpose, is in line with the noncompliance of a conscientious objector.  I will only consent when the law is restored and criminal actions, taken with willful, criminal intent, are prosecuted against the accused.  When fraudulent activity has gone on for a century with relentless recklessness, there comes a time for a paradigm shift, to overcome the obstacle.

The old ways of viewing the world, and politics, is leading us on a sure path to self-destruction, quite possibly at the cost of humanity.  What’s it gonna take to change the way we think, the way we act, and the way we live, in order to effectively move toward a fair, cooperative, and constructive means and end, for life, liberty, and happiness?

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