Power in Numbers vs. Power of the Individual

I often hear a phrase from activists of all-stripes; “there’s power in numbers”–fair enough.  There is of course power in numbers, but are people just numbers?  Is it that simple?  I don’t think it is, and here is why…

If you want to effect change in the world around you, then how can somebody else do it for you?  When we refer to “power in numbers”, does that some how imply that individuals are power-less in their own lives, without numbers to back them?  I think it does make this implication, and here is why…

When people merely become “numbers” behind a “cause”, it creates a hive-mentality.  The Occupy movement was a great example of this because of the robotic way in which everyone proclaimed to be part of the 99%, “parroting” (repeating verbatim) each other without question, in large groups.  It was like the Borg in Star Trek.  You will be assimilated.  Resistance is futile.

While this “power in numbers”, called Occupy, was protesting for their “cause” against the banks and the so-called 1%, they were using their iPhones and iPads and smart phones and computers made by the corporations they are bitching about.  How many of the “numbers” were holding bank accounts at Bank of America, or had loans from these banks for cars, houses, and school, had any kind of insurance, or god forbid, a 401K?  How effective is this “power in numbers” when people loose their individuality, sacrificing themselves to the collective, at the expense of everyone?  What actions did the movement take that actually changed anything?

What if all those people stayed at home, pulled all their money out of the banks, refused to use credit cards, only bought with cash, boycotted all the corporations backed by the banks, and made intentional, effective individual actions against these banksters and corporate profiteers?  What if–hold your breath–individuals refused business with the Federal Reserve Debt Collector–the I.R.S.?  What if these individuals became non-compliant with all injustice, corruption, and greed in their daily lives? What if they learned to exercise their creativity and ability to protect and defend themself against predators?  What if every individual turned off their cable television–all backed by the banks–stopped buying newspapers owned by and supported by the same banks, boycott Hollywood which is backed by the banksters, and educated themselves, did some soul-searching, and kept the fire burning in their belly for their right to life, the natural birthright of every individual?

Each individual is a part of the whole–the 100%.  There is no 99% and 1%.  Now, if we want to look at this through the lens of money and power, then let’s think about “numbers” vs the individual.  Pick your billionaire–Bill Gates? George Soros? Warren Buffett?  One of the Waltons who own Wal-Mart?  Who is more powerful when it comes to influence on the world?  One of these billionaires or 100,000 people holding signs in the street yelling at the billionaires they keep giving their money to?

Is there power in numbers?  Sure, if an individual can manipulate a large group of people to do work for them and exploit them, then yes there is power in numbers–for the benefit of a manipulative individual.  Name every “movement” in history that had “numbers” and tell me did the mob make the biggest impact or the individuals who stepped up to lead?

I’m taking the side of the devils-advocate to illustrate a point here; however, please understand, the power of the individual is the only power that will bring change to the world.  Why wait for somebody else when you can empower yourself right now?  You are more powerful than you might realize.  Word to the wise–trust your intuition and instincts, seek answers within, and focus your mind to align with your animated spirit and higher-self.  You will change the world.


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