You angry yet about what is going on? You’ll feel this insightful song with a clear message. New El*A*Kwents Out Now. #IAmFree #handsupdontshoot #militarizedpolice

El*A*Kwents – I Am Free [Single]

The song, I Am Free, is about a few of my experiences with police (policy) en-forcement over the years.  What I understand about police is they act like a pack of dogs; if they sense fear they will attack.  Most people regard my advice as bad advice, but in reality, bowing down to a crooked cop is spineless and potentially life-threatening.

If you didn’t do anything wrong, then they have absolutely no reason to stop you.  Even if it’s a tail-light out or whatever, these guys will try to shake you down like you are al-qaeda.  Don’t let them psychologically control you, intimidate you, and coerce you.  If they are respectable with you, then show them the same respect.  If you were driving 90mpg in a 65 zone, then don’t be a dickhead about it.

Moving on–with all that is going on, (and for those that know, has always been going on) with the police murdering citizens across the country, I think it is important to ask more questions to bring about a deeper understanding of what is actually taking place.  What we are seeing transpire before our eyes is an awakening to the unseen hand of modern-day slavery.

The murder and beating of the people at the hands of mercenaries (that’s what police are) for the governments, corporations, and banks, has been occurring for hundreds of years–probably thousands.  To reiterate, the beating and murdering of people by the hands of the police, particularly in the united states of America, is nothing new.  What is new is that the people are awakening to their state of existence–a kind of slavery unseen by the eye.  You can’t see the shackles holding you down in this system with your two eyes, but if you can take the time to breath and focus on your third eye, then you can begin to see the shackles that have bonded us in the current day–mental, spiritual, and financial slavery.

When you are psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually free, you will find the power within you to stand up when you have to.  Now, knowing when to pick your battles and when to fall back, is your responsibility to determine.

El*A*Kwents – I Am Free [Single]

Over and Out,



Spiritual, Revolutionary Hip Hop Music by El*A*Kwents. Boom Bap Single Out Now@

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