The Universal Mind, Thought-Forms and Elementals

The universal element ‘mind’ can be compared to an ocean of endless fluidal energy.  Just like churning water causes ripples and waves, every mental and emotional impulse of consciousness creates waves of subtle-material energy, which take on an autonomous existence.  Like waves in water they are of a temporary nature, but they can persist for a very long time – till they are neutralized by a conscious counter-pulse.

Usually, thoughts and emotions give way to new ones without posing any difficulty.  One simply focuses on something else, and the former impression passes into one’s conscious or subconscious memory.  However, strong mental creations can take on a more persistent form if they are not properly processed.  Such autonomous forms of mental energy are called ‘elementals’.  At this point a mental bubble becomes a ‘balloon’.  It floats by itself while remaining connected to its sender by a ‘string’ of mental energy.

Elementals are like subtle-material computer chips capable of programming a person’s mental and physical reactions, and basic patterns of consciousness.  Their persistence becomes apparent when they are very strong, so strong that they can even force a person’s behavior against his or her will.  Elementals are especially intense if they happen to be shaped out of sexual desires, lust, hate, jealousy, fear or out of a traumatic situation.  Such elemental programming can cause obsession, addiction, or impulsive reactions to certain situations.

Every impression perceived leaves its trace in our conscious or subconscious memory as it is registered on a ‘mental film’.  This psychological mechanism shows that it certainly matters what impressions we allow to enter our consciousness.  Even if we think that they do not have an adverse effect, they still may have.  For example, people may think that it is simply fun watching films with scenes of murder and violence.  However, through this simple (almost daily) act of seeming relaxation they become carriers and multipliers of destructive impressions, and thus contribute their share to the collective mental ‘data bank’ and its explosive potential.


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