3D Universe vs. Multidimensional Multiverse

by El*A*Kwents | The Inner Beacon Project

Why are we taught in school that we live in a 3D Universe, when in reality, we live in a multidimensional Multiverse?

I’m no physicist, nor a priest, yet I know there is an unknown world we fail to perceive through sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.  I have faith in it’s existence–the reality beyond human (physical) sensory-perception–because I can feel it around me and within me.

How can you describe with language–breakdown in words–that which is intangible?  We give words to our feelings and emotions but are words enough to accurately and precisely convey the experience?  We have incorporated a very popular media that uses both words and music for sound, with visual images and symbols, to convey a second layer of communication to the subconscious mind.  Let me tell you, this combination of sight and sound is effective, more so than sound alone.  Look at how radio changed the world, and then look at how television and movies changed it…without a doubt, powerful stuff.  However, if you think about it, what is more powerful–the sounds and visuals of media or the feelings it can induce in you that might impulse you to spend thousands of dollars on a television or give money to a political party?  I argue your feelings are more powerful because it gave you the motivation to get up and do it.  The audio/video stimuli was merely the trigger that set you in (e)motion.  The power is within the individual to be aware, knowledgeable, and strong-willed to resist such provocative stimulation that might be harmful to their own health, humanity’s health, and the planet’s health.  Can you please draw me a picture of awareness, knowledge, and will-power?

CONTINUE 3D Universe vs. Multidimensional Multiverse


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