El*A*Kwents Production Re-Launch | Beats/Instrumentals, Studio Services, Graphic Design, Marketing and More

I have been independently creating Hip Hop music since 1999; my experiences include everything from starting out with two turntables, messing around with records, trying to scratch, mix and blend…but what happened was the instrumentals caught my attention, and I found myself writing my own lyrics.  Once I started writing songs, rapping on other people’s beats was cool, yet it somehow failed to feel authentic to me…I wanted my own beats.  What do you know, next thing I do is buy a $60 demo version of a music program, and I began teaching myself to program beats.  Needless to say, ever since I was child, I was always artistic, loving to draw and paint; I thought I wanted to be an architect.  What I realized is what I wanted was to be creative and artistic, intelligent, heart-felt, and inspirational.  Once I made an album, I needed artwork, promotions, and marketing, so I made it happen.  This is my story…  I think it’s time to reap the benefits of my dedication and sacrifice, while simultaneously using my 16-years of experience to aid my fellow artists in realizing their greatest potential. 

el pro logo w text oct 2015 - web


  • Beats/Production – Hip Hop instrumentals
  • Graphic Design – album art, flyers, banners, logos, etc
  • Marketing – Social Media Campaigns, promotions, branding, etc
  • Studio Services – Recording, mixing, editing, in-house production
  • Web Services – Blogs, homepages, store-fronts

“A million miles, begins with the first step…

For more information and portfolio checkout:


…an El*A*Kwents Production…

El*A*Kwents – The Key | A Human Becoming [LP]


Spiritual, Revolutionary Hip Hop Music by El*A*Kwents. Boom Bap Single Out Now@ http://www.elakwents.com http://www.SpiritualHipHop.info

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