Magnetically Levitated Wind Turbines

China Makes Huge Breakthrough in Wind Power Technology

Chinese developers unveiled the world’s first full-permanent magnetic levitation (Maglev) wind power generator at the Wind Power Asia Exhibition 2006 held June 28 in Beijing, according to Xinhua News.

Regarded as a key breakthrough in the evolution of global wind power technology-and a notable advance in independent intellectual property rights in China — the generator was jointly developed by Guangzhou Energy Research Institute under China’s Academy of Sciences and by Guangzhou Zhongke Hengyuan Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd. The Maglev generator is expected to boost wind energy generating capacity by as much as 20 percent over traditional wind turbines. This would effectively cut the operational expenses of wind farms by up to half, keeping the overall cost of wind power under 0.4 yuan ($US 5 cents), according to Guokun Li, the chief scientific developer of the new technology. Further, the Maglev is able to utilize winds with starting speeds as low as 1.5 meters per second (m/s), and cut-in speeds of 3 m/s, the chief of Zhongke Energy was quoted as saying at the exhibition. When compared with the operational hours of existing wind turbines, the new technology will add an additional 1,000 hours of operation annually to wind power plants in areas with an average wind speed of 3 m/s.


Research from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Massachusetts)

This project focuses on the utilization of wind energy as a renewable source. In the United States alone, wind capacity has grown about 45% to 16.7GW and it continues to grow with the facilitation of new wind projects [2.2]. The aim of this major qualifying project is to design and implement a magnetically levitated vertical axis wind turbine system that has the ability to operate in both high and low wind speed conditions. Our choice for this model is to showcase its efficiency in varying wind conditions as compared  to the traditional horizontal axis wind turbine and contribute to its steady growing  popularity for the purpose of mass utilization in the near future as a reliable source of power generation.  Unlike the traditional horizontal axis  wind  turbine, this design is levitated via  maglev (magnetic  levitation) vertically on a rotor shaft.  This  maglev  technology, which  will  be looked at in great detail, serves as an efficient replacement for ball bearings used on the conventional  wind  turbine  and  is  usually  implemented  with  permanent  magnets.  This levitation will be used between the rotating shaft of the turbine blades and the base of the whole wind turbine system. The conceptual design also entails the usage of spiral shaped blades and with continuing effective research into the functioning of sails in varying wind speeds and other factors, an efficient shape and size will be determined for a suitable turbine blade for the project.


MagLev Wind Turbines are on the Market Now

Zhongke Hengyuan Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (GZ)
300W Magnetic/Maglev Wind Turbine (CE)

Product Description
300W Full permanent magnetic suspension generator, tiny friction, small starting momentum, low starting wind speed at 1.5-1.8m/s, low cut-in wind speed at 2.5m/s; high rotation speed, and higher generating capacity under same condition. Now it is widely used in wind-solar hybrid street lighting system.

Full Permanent Magnetic Suspension to Levitation Turbine Generators as well as Wind-Solar Hybrid Generator Systems. We can supply 300W\350W\400W\600W\1000W\10KW serious wind power wind generator and Wind-solar hybrid street lighting systems. Our products have been successfully distributed to Asia pacific, Europe and America etc.

Skype: patiencelin1025
Product Feature
magnetic/maglev type, low starting wind speed, low cut-in wind speed, suitable for application in wind wind zones, widely used in wind and solar hybrid street light system
Product Specification/Models
Starting Wind Speed(m/s) 1.5m/s
Cut-in Wind Speed(m/s) 2.5m/s
Rated Wind Speed(m/s) 10m/s
Safe Wind Speed(m/s) 50m/s
Rated DC Output 12V/24V
Over-speed Protection Electro-magnetic Torque Control
Engine Brushless NdFeB Permanent-Magnet Engine
Bearing Mechanical Bearing
Transmission Mode Direct Drive
RPM 900
Cp 0.42
wind and solar hybrid street light
about 20 days, depends on order quantity
Minimum Order
1 pc
carton size: 1210*610*270mm
Sample Price


Further Information:

Changing Winds: The Evolving Wind Turbine


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