Common Sense For the Technocratic Era (REVISED)

In Memory of Thomas Paine; Rest in Peace; Rest in Power.

Dedicated to the People of the united states of America (Turtle Island); past, present, and future, for the reestablishment and protection of human sovereignty, liberty, and the natural rights of, for, and by all—through Divine Providence— with due diligence, as well as, full, public-disclosure and notice.

1.1 – Born a United States Citizen; Subject to the New King

I was born with a highly-mixed genetic-composition, as a “United States Citizen”, with a municipal-corporate-issued Birth Certificate (Bonded), and mandatorily assigned a S.S. # (Social Security Number) (Insurance)), during the autumn of 1980, within the boundaries of the state-territory known as New Hampshire.  The current year is 2016, and the “State of New Hampshire” is legally (but unlawfully) recognized as a governmental service corporation in a federal zone, under the corporate-jurisdiction of the “United States of America”, i.e. the municipal-corporation of Washington D.C. and its subsidiary, governmental service corporations.

Prior to becoming municipally-(re)incorporated by the Organic Act of 1871 as the governmental service corporation known as—and presently operating as—“United States of America”, the union of states was recognized as independent and sovereign, with the ultimate sovereignty residing within the people, i.e. human beings (although, to fairly note in the darkness of human-corruption, many African peoples, American Indian peoples, and Irish/Celtic peoples, among others, were enslaved and mass-murdered; additionally, they lacked any form of representation, freedom, and/or liberty in this proclaimed “free society”).

Now, by way of genocide, theft, usurpation, fraud, bribery, blackmail, coercion, subterfuge, omission, and obstruction, designed and executed for the domination of, for, and by, elitists and their minions of B.A.R. attorneys and hired mercenaries, the sovereign people are presumed to consent to waive their natural rights and transfer those natural rights in exchange for privileges, civil rights, and public policy.  Government registration of private property and licensing of lawful activities are in the hands of unelected and unchecked governmental service corporation administrators, who now operate under color-of-law through regulation and codes of corporate governance, with the status as a municipal corporate-body called the “United States of America” (a man-made legal fiction).

Consequently, “United States Citizens” are legally recognized as mere underlings and subjects to the alleged dominion of the following city-states, administering de-facto public policy by way of an oligarchy of municipal-corporations/governmental service corporations:  the District of Columbia, Vatican City, and the City of London, a.k.a., The City (under the authority of the City of London Corporation), as well as, subservient to the United Nations.  The keystone mechanism of this administration is the fractional reserve and usury-based, Federal Reserve System, unlawfully administered by way of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  The “Federal Reserve” and its banking branches are neither Federal—nor holding reserves—but rather, the “Federal Reserve System” operates through a fraudulent concealment and omission of the fact they are, indeed, a governmental service corporation, with private stockholders, without oversight, and incorporated for the intention of creating private profit, backed through the force of the “State” (police (policy) enforcement).  The collection agency of the “Federal Reserve” is the subsidiary governmental service corporation called the “Internal Revenue Service” (I.R.S.).

The sovereign people of the union of states of North America have been clandestinely usurped (or duped and undermined since inception) in order to become an instrument of a tyrannical, global empire, with the willful intent to overthrow natural law directly, for the purpose of installing universal human bondage and obedience—as natural law’s replacement.  This hostile takeover has been incrementally (and at times swiftly and forcefully) accomplished with, but not limited to, infiltration, war, and undue influence.  In effect, the union of states has lost nearly every last remnant of  sovereign-power—for, by, and of the people—and in fact, it is now certain, that the entire human race has been targeted for subjugation, to become subjects to a New-Crown and Throne, of a Corporate-Person-King; the 21st century New-Monarchy.

This New-Monarchy, ruled by the Corporate-Person-King, is borne of and formed from, the energy and quintessence of the individual and collective human race.  This “human resource” is skillfully harnessed, manipulated, and projected into both the global body-politic and the socially and technologically engineered hive-mind, and is administered by a highly-sophisticated, technocratic-engineered civilization (The Beast-System).  Thus, I warn all peoples everywhere, there is, without a reasonable doubt, a clear and present danger—here and now—to human sovereignty and freedom, having a fatal affect/effect upon the whole human race (collectively and individually).  Furthermore, this Beast System is targeting all life on Earth for total control through social conditioning and technology, in combination with psychotropic and psychoactive drugs; economic, mental, emotional, and spiritual bondage; geoengineering, biotechnology and more; this danger is the globally-centralized technocratic, Artificial Intelligence.  This Artificial Intelligence, raised and deployed by beastly men lurking within darkness, hidden by smoke and mirrors, is what I refer to as the Corporate-Person-King; the New-Crown; the New-Monarchy, for a One World Order, exercising absolute, uncontested, and centralized, planetary power.

“Caveat Emptor” (Buyer Beware.)

“Mind Your Business.”

“It’s None of Your Business.”

“It’s Just Business.”

This post was updated on June 25, 2016.

(C) J.L. Gallien. All Rights Reserved.


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