Hugs, Militarized Police, War, Peace, and Your Rights

The free hugs guy has good intentions and I believe in his message but he lacks full understanding of what “Rights” are. In one sentence he stands for peace and love but then police are dressed like warriors firing weapons at people. Isn’t that a bit ironic?

From Bill Carrier @

Detailed below in this post I share some of the solutions to this problem…

The first solution is the 1rst Amendment. 5 Liberties (unalienable rights) inherent to all human beings. 1. Freedom of speech. 2. Freedom of Press. 3. Freedom to assemble. 4. Freedom of religion. 5. Freedom to redress the government. When cops honor those freedoms properly they will obtain more respect.

The second solution is the 4th Amendment: Reasonable vs. Unreasonable Searches & Seizures

The 5 Must Have Elements of a Reasonable Search:

The main point is that we are not free from ALL searches and seizures, only unlawful ones. ALL FIVE of the following elements are required for that search:

1. A Proper Warrant: The search and/or seizure is illegal if there is no warrant.

2. Based Upon Probable Cause: There must be probable cause that a law has been broken or violated. (laws and statutes/codes aren’t the same. Look into natural law or common law)

3. Supported By An Oath Before A Common Law Court: The warrant must have been issued by a common law court.

4. Particularly Describing The Place To Be Searched: If there is no description then they can search anything. No limits. This is why you never consent (see below)

5. The Persons Or Things To Be Seized: Again same here. If there is no description or if you give consent then all bets are off. They can sieze anything. Never give consent.


..searches and seizures that do not have all 5 elements present are in violation of the 4th Amendment and therefore in violation of your constitutionally recognized right to be secure in your persons, papers and property.

When #wethepeople value these principles again cops will be respected and protesters won’t riot and police won’t be shooting up the streets. Life can be this simple and we can live in peace again.


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