Is Amish Pennsylvania Next Standing Rock

“With a federal government dominated by fossil fuel insiders and allies, it’s more important than ever for communities to stand together as one to protect their water, land, and health. That’s exactly what Lancaster county residents are planning to do to keep a natural gas pipeline from tearing up their countryside and leaving them at risk. They’ve started an encampment, complete with two wooden blockades, and they plan to keep a presence there as long as it takes to resist and disrupt the completion of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.”



“Just last week, Clatterbuck helped oversee the beginnings of a DAPL-inspired encampment on an Amish farm in Lancaster County atop the route of the proposed pipeline he’s spent years working to stop.

He says hundreds of people, mostly locals, have also signed pledges “committing to civil disobedience to protect our homes, farms and properties” once pipeline construction begins. Hundreds have also taken “non-violent mass-action” trainings, he added.

Much of this interest owes to the pre-existing efforts of organizers like Clatterbuck and his wife Malinda, who’ve spent years relentlessly — and sometimes controversially — drumming up a local opposition. But the heightened profile and popular support for Standing Rock hasn’t hurt either.

“Standing Rock showed communities all over the country that this is what it could look like… Grassroots action can make a difference,” Mark said in a phone call with PennLive on Thursday.”




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We have recently become aware of a technicality that would protect Native American burial grounds and delay the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline, potentially costing Williams Partners millions of dollars and forcing significant construction delays. To take advantage of this situation, urgent action is needed today. Will you help us by signing our petition and making an urgent phone call to Brookfield Renewables?


In order for Williams Partners to build their pipeline they need to drill underneath the Conestoga River in southern Lancaster County, PA. A corporation called Brookfield Renewable Energy owns a parcel of land along the Conestoga River that the drilling would have to go through. This parcel of land is bound by a “Declaration of Restrictive Covenant” that Brookfield Renewable Energy holds with the US Army Corps of Engineers. The declaration sets this parcel aside as a conservation easement that expressly prohibits drilling of any kind on the land.

***In short: drilling is currently banned through Brookfield’s land! ****

Because of this restriction, Williams has not been able to secure an easement with Brookfield to conduct their dirty drilling under the Conestoga River. According to FERC, if Williams is unable to secure an easement with Brookfield to violate this “restrictive covenant” (to conduct their drilling), then Williams will be required find an alternate route for the pipeline.

*** If Brookfield denies permission, no drilling can occur on Williams’ preferred route! This could set the whole project back for months!****


Far more is at stake here than a simple conservation easement. By refusing to sign an easement with Williams, Brookfield is effectively protecting an indigenous cultural treasure known as the Roberts Farm Site, which is located immediately across the Conestoga River from the Brookfield parcel. The Roberts Site is a 1,500-year old Susquehannock Indian village and burial ground that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. As confirmed by expert archaeologists at the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission in Harrisburg, the proposed path for drilling runs directly through this ancient Native village and burial site.

*** Drilling would be run directly through Native American burial grounds. It’s highly unlikely that FERC, Williams, or Brookfield would permit such a flagrant desecration through a Christian cemetery or a US War Memorial. Why should they be allowed to violate sacred Native American graves? Indigenous leaders have already called for the protection of these sites. Join them in adding your voice today! ***




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