Young One World Seems To Be An Intelligence Operation For Brainwashing the Youth

If there is one thing that I find lacking in today’s world, then it has to be the ability for people to discern; to differentiate; to discriminate between what is, or what is not, good or bad; true or false; real or imaginary; authentic or contrived…you get the point…

The second problem I constantly see is the lack of knowledge and understanding in an overly, information-saturated digital landscape, where there is information, disinformation, and misinformation.  How can we learn to distinguish between what is correct and incorrect?  I argue we learn discernment by practice and by learning about the world around us, and the world within us, in-depth.  I find much of this discernment is a very fine line of subtly, even pushed to the level of the subconscious–or perhaps the unconscious–mind.

The spark for this particular blog where I am calling out the organization called, Young One World, stems from a video I saw of a young woman, allegedly a North Korean defector.  It immediately struck me as exploitation on the surface; using the pain and struggle of a tormented individual for the purpose of garnering attention and, more importantly, financial and political gain to push an agenda of a centralized, world dictatorship, ruled by elitist politicians and business people who are heartless bitches and bastards.  How can greedy, self-centered, and self-serving individuals and corporations possibly care about the struggle of the oppressed?  Are they themselves not the oppressors of humanity across this entire planet?  How can the oppressor be the liberator?

Sculpture detailIMAGE

I immediately began digging into the founders of Young One World and the associated partners, sponsors, and “counselors”.  I knew at first glance this was a front for the United Nations and Western Civilization (Imperialism), and the goal of a centralized, global government that is unelected, unaccountable, and wildly corrupt.  In fact, these organizations, corporations, and individuals are THEE causation of the world’s problems; poverty, endless war, racism, starvation, environmental destruction, non-consensual medical experimentation, and oppression of the human mind and spirit.

The very first thing I discovered is that the founder of Young One World is David Jones, a man whose career is based in marketing and advertising for multinational corporations, as well as being employed by former British Prime Minister, David Cameron‘s political campaign.  In other words, he used propaganda for the top politicians of England, notorious for warmongering, exploitation of the third world, and the internal, political corruption of England at the highest levels–not a good start.  Young One World, which appears to effectively target poverty stricken third world countries, is based in London.



Secondly, the co-founder is Kate Robertson who has worked for some of the most corrupt institutions known to man; the Clinton Global Initiative, Barclays, the Gates Foundation, and the Prince’s Trust.  Again, I reiterate, how can a conscious and caring human being who claims to be in service-to-others, working directly with the most oppressed children on the planet, remain clear-minded about simultaneously working for the same corporations, organizations, and governments responsible for the oppression?  These people are being fooled, are plain stupid, or in the worst case, are exploitative and abusive monsters.  I’ll let you decide for yourself.



Next, let’s take a look at some of the most blatant, corrupt and globally-parasitic corporations who are Partners and Sponsors:

General Electric
Thomson Reuters
General Mills
Johnson & Johnson

I won’t elaborate here because it’s self-evident, but if you are unaware of the dirt sticking to these players, then I recommend digging in for yourself.

Now, let’s take a look at a partial list of these so-called counselors:

Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada – globalist)
Kofi Annan (Former Secretary General of United Nations – globalist)
Bill Clinton (Former President of United States – globalist)
Vicente Fox (Former President of Mexico – globalist)
Lorenzo Simonelli (CEO of General Electric Oil and Gas)
Lauren Bush (FEED United Nations and UNICEF)
Carl-Henric Svanberg (Chairman of BP)
Carole Stone (British Broadcasting Corporation and Tavistock – mind control)
Ken Costa (Chairman for Lazard International)
Carolyn S. Miles (CEO of Save the Children)
Arianna Huffington (CEO of Huffington Post)
Sir Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Group)
James Chau (CCTV – Chinese Communist Party, UN Ambassador)
Suleiman Jasir Al-Herbish (Director-General OPEC Fund for International Development)
Kathy Calvin (CEO of United Nations Foundation, former President of AOL Time Warner (Ted Turner) and worked for Gary Hart, connected to George McGovern)
Eberhard von Koerber (Co-President – Club of Rome)
Martin Davidson (Chief Executive – British Council)
Pedro Padierna (President for PepsiCo Mexico)
Wael Ghonim (Google Exec)

The rest of the “counselors” are former politicians, multinational corporate executives, royalty, actors, actresses, pop stars, and so-called activists.  Again, I urge you to dig into this, and decide for yourself.

A quick look around the One Young World website immediately exudes a political platform for Globalization, chalk-full of propaganda used to justify governmental, economic, corporate, and social corruption under the guise of “climate change”, “multiculturalism”, “economic inclusion”, “access to medicine”, and “mental health”.  Most of this language has succeeded at fooling ignorant adults, and is undoubtedly targeted at the minds of unsuspecting youth living in the “third world”; a world created by the very same forces that created a division of the world into the “first world” and the “third world”, all in this so-called “new world order”.  These are the same influences that have created this “non-profit”, “non-governmental organization”, to pull the wool over the eyes of the world’s oppressed people.

Yeonmi_Park_-_Atlas_Network_Liberty_Forum Let me bring this back full-circle to the crying, young female that any human with a heart would surely want to help out; the young woman from North Korea, Yeonmi Park.


My human, knee-jerk reaction was to feel empathy for this girl who appeared to be crying and upset while speaking.  Then something struck me moments later, and intuitively, I felt the sense that something was “off”.  Suddenly, I felt this presentation was in some way staged and contrived with the intent to illicit sympathy from the audience and subsequently, viewers of the recorded video.  Then I noticed the background and knew right away this was some sort of “charity” or “non-profit”.  As I well know, “non-profits” make a lot of profit, and generally, as a rule of thumb, pay their board of directors massive salaries, while as little as 10% or less of money raised actually goes to, “the cause”.

“Wearing a pink, traditional Korean dress with its high waist and voluminous skirt, Park stood before the lectern at the One Young World Summit in Dublin and in between long pauses, wiping tears from her eyes and holding her hand to her mouth as she composed herself, she told of being brainwashed; of seeing executions; of starving; of the slither of light in her darkness when she watched the Hollywood blockbuster Titanic, and had her mind opened to the outside world where love was possible; of having to watch her mother being raped; of burying her father on her own at just 14; and of threatening to kill herself rather than allow Mongolian soldiers to send her back to North Korea. She talked about following the stars to freedom and then ended with her signature sign off, “When I was crossing the Gobi desert, scared of dying, I thought nobody cares, but you have listened to my story. You have cared.”

You’d have to have been inhuman not to be moved. But – and you’re going to hear a lot of “buts” – was the story she told of her life in North Korea accurate? The more speeches and interviews I read, watch and hear Park give, the more I become aware of serious inconsistencies in her story that suggest it wasn’t. Whether this matters is up to the reader to decide, but my concern is if someone with such a high profile twists their story to fit the narrative we have come to expect from North Korean defectors, our perspective of the country could become dangerously skewed. We need to have a full and truthful picture of life in North Korea if we are to help those living under its abysmally cruel regime and those who try to flee.

Buried in the shows archives are some snapshots of Park’s childhood in North Korea that explain why she’s known on the show as the Paris Hilton of North Korea. They’re in sharp contrast to the story she’s now telling her international audience.

In one episode in early 2013 she appears with her mother. Family photographs are flashed on the screen and Park jokes, “That’s my Mum there. She’s beautiful right? To be honest, I’m not the Paris Hilton. My mum is the real Paris Hilton.”

Park then goes on to point out the top and chequered pants her mother is wearing “were all imported from Japan” and adds, “My mum even carried around a Chanel bag in North Korea,” to which the host responds incredulously, “There are Chanel bags in North Korea?” Park tells him there are and he then asks another woman if she’d classify Park’s family as “rich.” The woman answers, “Yes, that’s right.”

Park told us in her interview her father was a member of the Workers’ party, as were all the men in her family, and that she expected to study medicine at university and marry a man of the same ilk or higher. She described her father to us as “a very free man” who was critical of the regime. She said when reports of Kim Jong Il’s daily activities would come on the television and the announcer would say “because of his mercy we are having a good life” her father would sometimes say, “Oh shut up, turn off the TV.” Park says her mother would chastise him for saying such things in front of her and her sister and so she learnt early on it was dangerous to criticize the regime and to speak about her father’s disloyalty to others.

Park’s mother told us of a day when her husband pointed to the portraits of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il hanging on their walls and said, “Our struggles are caused by these men.” She said she was terrified he would say something outside their house, but told us she knew a few people who shared her husband’s views. Other North Korean defectors from Hyesan, the northern city that borders China where Park and her family hail from, have also told me that after the great famine in the mid nineties, there was growing dissent, albeit, quiet and kept within immediate families.

Born in 1993, Park was a baby at the height of the famine. In July this year in Seoul, at an event organized by Liberty North Korea, a NGO that helps refugees, she told the audience she had no interest in learning about the Kims as a child at school, telling the audience, “that was nothing special for me because I have so much fun playing with my friends, like to go hiking, to the riverside, swimming…”

When Park was nine, which would have been around 2002, she says she saw her best friend’s mother executed at a stadium in Hyesan. But, according to several North Korean defectors from Hyesan who didn’t want to be identified for fear of reprisal, public executions only ever took place on the outskirts of the city, mostly at the airport, never in the stadium or streets, and there were none after 2000 – the last they recall was a mass execution of ten or eleven people in 1999.

Park’s account of the mother’s crime changes constantly, depending it seems on her audience. In Europe recently she claimed the woman was executed for watching a James Bond movie and sometimes, less specifically, a Hollywood movie. But in Hong Kong a few months ago, she told an audience the woman had been caught watching South Korean DVDs. Irish Independent journalist, Nicola Anderson, in a recent online video interview with Park seemed confused and asked her, “It was a movie from South Korea wasn’t it?” Park’s response was, “No, Hollywood movie, James Bond.”

One of the world’s leading authorities on North Korea, is Andrei Lankov, a professor at Kookmin University in Seoul. Born in the Soviet Union, he was an exchange student in North Korea during the 1980s and has interviewed hundreds of defectors as part of his research. He says, “I am very, very skeptical whether watching a Western movie would lead to an execution. An arrest for such action is possible indeed, but still not very likely.”

He says the sorts of crimes that result in public execution are, “Murder, large-scale theft, especially of the government property, sometimes involvement with large-scale smuggling operations, including human trafficking.”

A 59-year-old woman from Hyesan who escaped in 2009 laughed when asked was anyone ever executed for watching an American movie. “How can you be executed for watching an American film? It sounds ridiculous even saying it. That has never happened before. I go to church with around 350 defectors and you ask any one of them and they will say exactly the same thing,” she told us over the phone from South Korea. Other defectors confirmed this. The Hyesan woman went on to say that people who were caught watching South Korean dramas were not executed, but were sentenced to three to seven years in a correctional center where the treatment was horrendous. “You don’t know when you will die,” she said.

In 2003, when she was ten, Park tells of how her world came crashing down when her father was arrested in Pyongyang for illegal trading. According to Park’s mother he’d begun trading illegally between China and North Korea in 1999 when Kim Jong Il stopped providing rations and ceased spying on businesses. His conviction meant other family members were also criminals and their position in society plummeted. “Then our destiny was clear, I was going to be a farmer. There’s no way I can get into university,” Park told us.

Park says her father was sentenced to 17 or 18 years in prison. Her mother told us he was initially sentenced to a year, but later it was increased to ten years. The discrepancies between the lengths of sentence are neither here nor there, but the family story does become murky and rather mercurial from here on.

Park’s mother told us prosecutors interrogated her on and off for about a year – sometimes at home in Hyesan and sometimes elsewhere, because she had worked in her husband’s trading business. But, in a recent BBC radio interview, Park claimed her mother was imprisoned for six months because she went to live back in her hometown after her husband was jailed and “because in North Korea there is no freedom of movement, not freedom of speech… it was against the law for the movement and that’s why she went to prison for half a year.”

When she spoke with us, Park told of how her and her sister, at just nine and eleven, were left to fend for themselves after their parents were jailed. “We couldn’t go to school… we just go down to the riverside and we have shower and wash our clothes there and then we go to the mountain to get the grass to eat,” she said. But, in the BBC radio interview, Park claimed her sister went to live at her uncle’s house and she went to live at her aunt’s house in the countryside for three years. She told of how while she was there she ate wild food “like grass or sometimes dragonflies… just anything that I could eat at that time.” Just two days later she told the Irish Independent, as she had told us, that she and her sister survived by finding food to eat and had to learn how to cook for themselves. When asked by the reporter, “Were there any adults that knew you were alone?” Park answered, “No, people were dying there, they don’t care. I saw lots of dead bodies on the street and nobody can take care of anybody.”

But go back through the archives of the South Korean television show, Now On My Way To Meet You, in which Park stars, and in the same episode referred to previously, the host of the show says to Park’s mother, “When we talk about stories of people eating grass or people struggling to eat, Yeju (Park’s pseudonym) says, ‘Oh that never happened…’ Why is that? Did Yeju never go through these experiences?

Park’s mother replies, “We were not to that extent. We were just never in a position where we were starving.”

The next part of their exchange is equally enlightening.

Park’s mother goes on to say, “So when Yeju started working for this program, I think she became more aware of the situation in North Korea.””


Due to the subversive and sinister nature of the players involved and the perceptively benign public mask put on by dark forces in this world, portraying themselves as humanitarians and philanthropists, I have to conclude one of three things:

(1) Park is indeed a North Korean defector who has fled North Korea and is being exploited by Young One World for their political agenda;

(2) Park is who she claims to be and is willingly telling her story with the hopes of helping other North Korean defectors, but seems to be confused with her story due to language barriers; or

(3) Park is not who she says she is and is an actor in a shell-game designed to deceive, not only young adults from a majority of poverty stricken and oppressed countries, but also gullible donors who will gladly open their hearts and wallets, handing over money to billionaires, wealthy corporate executives, politicians, celebrities, and princes and princesses, without a thought.

I hope that #2 above is correct; however, in the world we live in, I have to be honest and say my cynicism, critical-mind, and intuition are telling me there is more going on here than the eye can see or the ear can hear.  You decide…









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