Freedom and Liberty; Rights and Privileges.

Originally, my plan was to briefly write about the difference between two words and their subsequent meanings: freedom verses liberty.  However, in modern times–and particularly within the realm of civil society and politics–these two terms are often used interchangeably, so I decided to add the distinction of rights verses privileges, bringing context to the definitions.

“Freedom is to rights, what liberty is to privileges.”

Ultimately, the key to understanding the difference between freedom and liberty, and rights versus privileges, is to know what authority and sovereignty are and where they are derived from.  Both sovereignty and authority are most important in comprehending this conversation.

King_George_V_1911_color-crop.jpgA sovereign throughout history has been known as the “King” or the “Queen”.  Under the sovereign authority–or supreme ruler–the subjects of the King or Queen are under the control of the Throne or the Crown.  As the sovereign authority, the Ruler of the kingdom grants privileges and gives liberties to the subjects of the kingdom.  Any activities outside of this permission are considered a crime against the King or Queen.  In other words, the subjects–the human beings living under the rulership of the King or Queen–are bonded or restrained from acting on their own freewill.  This is a state of feudalism or slavery.


Today, in so-called civil society, governments are construed as the sovereign authority, ruling over and granting privileges and liberties to the citizens; for example: voting, driving a car, building a home, cutting hair or practicing a profession.  We are conditioned and schooled to believe that these privileges and liberties are freedom; this is where I must draw the line to illustrate the true definitions of these words.

Further, we must know that a creation of man lacks power over the creator; for example, a corporation is a fiction and can not tell a man or woman–a living being–what he or she can or can not do.  The same can be said of governments because governments are the creation of men and women.  Governments are fictional entities created by human beings.  Without people, there are no governments.

So, how can a government grant permission or give civil liberties to a human being if a human being is born free?  That’s correct, a government can not give people permission to do what they are naturally free to do; that is to live ones life without violating or harming other human beings.

who am i


Human beings, by nature, are the sovereign authority–the author–of their own lives.  The notion that a government–a fictional entity controlled by a few–is a sovereign authority over the rest of the people, is a misnomer and based on false-logic, predicated on fallacy and enforced by external powers like politicians, police, military, lawyers, and judges.  Unless a human being is harmed or violated by another human being, then there is nothing to be enforced.  The idea of law enforcement–or using force by one individual or group of individuals, upon another individual or group of individuals, is, in-of-itself, a violation of human sovereignty and freedom, and, in fact, unlawful.

You are born free; you are the sovereign authority of your life; governments use force, coercion, and manipulation to perpetuate fear of reprisal in the individuals of a society.  Using force to implement the “law” is a farce, and the current state of the world is not of freedom, but of bondage.  You are told by government you have permission and the liberty to exercise privileges authorized by them, and that, any human activity outside of these boundaries is construed as criminal.  In reality, acting on your freewill is the essence and true definition of freedom.

“Live Free Or Die!”





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