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Are Holistic Doctors Being Murdered for Curing People?

#1 June 19th– Dr Bradstreet, formerly of Florida, now practicing in Georgia was found with a gunshot wound to his chest in a river.  The small town locals ruled the death almost immediately as a suicide but many have their

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Why Politics in Hip Hop?

In the information age, politics has become nothing more than a psychological operation against the public by a global, corporate oligarchy, with the end-game being complete world domination, for the benefit of the few over the many. This global tyranny,

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Rappers Blow Manhattan Project Wide Open by the Megaton!

El*A*Kwents – Manhattan Project featuring Alphabetik, Irrefutable, and VX: Heaven’s Assassin of Planet X Records LLC [Production Credits: Ocir Madsol Eno & Integrals] Off the new El*A*Kwents Album – A Human Becoming, In-Stores Autumn 2014

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The Celestial Order Cosmic Code EP is Out Now.

VX: Heaven’s Assassin and El*A*Kwents combine as The Celestial Order in a long-awaited collaboration, available now with the Cosmic Code EP. To classify The Celestial Order as Earth-centric conspiracy rap or simply spiritual, is shallow and shortsighted. The paradigm shattering

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Featuring on “Medicinal Muzik Volume 1”–MORE THAN DOPE by Wellis Fool & El*A*Kwents–CLICK THE BANNER FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!

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And “IT” Don’t Stop

Welcome back. This is Daily Bread for Tuesday, September Twenty Ninth, Two Thousand Nine. I’m here to let you know “IT” will not stop…It can never stop…it always will be…it always has been…what is It? “It’s Daily Bread, It’s Daily

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PEACE, this is Daily Bread for Monday, September Twenty Eighth, Two Thousand Nine.  I’ve been busy working on the new single and multiple other collaborations and projects, as well as delving into some new reading material.  In as much, here

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Misunderstood (Rhyme of the Day)

This is Daily Bread for Wednesday, September Sixteenth, Two Thousand Nine.  Due to some recent incident and some obvious misunderstanding on multiple levels, I have something to say.  Because the other party of this exchange has already sealed the deal

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Triple Nines

yo!  This is Daily Bread for Wednesday, September Ninth, Two Thousand Nine. “Flippin’ a divine rhyme on Triple Nine// rippin’ through the ripple of time that cripples minds// Too complex for language– it’s encoded in signs and symbolic designs// Whatever

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Modern-Day “Convenience” @ What Cost?

PEACE, this is Daily Bread for Friday, August Twenty Eighth, Two Thousand Nine. “The path of least resistance might be to dance with the devil// What appears as level ground might be a slippery slope that got you grippin the

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