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White Supremacy and Law Enforcement in the United States

“No centralized recruitment process or set of national standards exists for the 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States, many of which have deep historical connections to racist ideologies. As a result, state and local police as well as

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Hail Trump! Hail Victory! Hail Our People! Neo-Nazis Openly Preaching White Supremacy

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South Carolina on Verge of Civil War

The case is clear; South Carolina is still living in the days of slavery with white supremacy ideology, policy, and enforcement, clearly and obviously, being a prominent and permanent mentality of this region.  The last straw is going to break

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Confederate Flags, Hate, Propaganda, Freedom of Speech, and Book Burning

Shall we start burning books so that nobody can read about history (even if most of it is lies and propaganda)? I mean, lies built on hatred and mass murder ought to be banned from existence right? Or can the

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Philadelphia Police Fire 10,000 Bullets, Tear Gas, and Bomb House May 13, 1985

Thirty years ago today in Philadelphia, police dropped a bomb on a residential area in a misbegotten effort to force members of MOVE, a black radical liberation/back-to-nature group founded in 1972 with which local authorities had a long history of

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ATTENTION Ferguson & America: CALLING ALL Artists, Business Owners, Builders & Free People Everywhere

Look, I’m not here and now, asking–any-one–to forgive or forget what is going on at this moment, but what I am asking, is for people to consider a vastly new approach to dealing with the ongoing situation of an escalating

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Superiority vs Supremacy? What’s the difference? (UPDATED)

by El*A*Kwents | New Hampshire, united states of America | August 18, 2014 PREFACE With the ongoing civil unrest and social anxiety, again, being inflamed and spiraling out of control by diabolical calls to divide and conquer each other, for

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The Oligarch VS. an individual: Cliven Bundy is Not Racist

Do you believe the oligarchy-controlled mainstream mass media gossip or an individual willing to put it all on the line for his belief in freedom for himself, his family, and for his country?  For me, the is answer is clear. 

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It’s Saturday, July Eleventh, Two Thousand Nine, and this is Daily Bread. On more than one occasion this woman Sonia Sotomayor (nominated for the Supreme Court of the United States) stated that latin women make better decisions than white men

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