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Freedom and Liberty; Rights and Privileges.

Originally, my plan was to briefly write about the difference between two words and their subsequent meanings: freedom verses liberty.  However, in modern times–and particularly within the realm of civil society and politics–these two terms are often used interchangeably, so

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Transcend Duality: Reject the False Light

Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker By Cameron Day Dark vs (False) Light – Duality of the Demiurge In order to capture and control the widest possible spectrum of souls, the corrupt demiurge split its agents into two

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ORIGIN OF FREEMASONRY by Thomas Paine It is always understood that Freemasons have a secret which they carefully conceal; but from everything that can be collected from their own accounts of Masonry, their real secret is no other than their

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Spiritual Depression: The Dark Night of the Soul

Spiritual awakening doesn’t happen because you master some spiritual technique. There are lots of skillful meditators who are not awake. Awakening happens when you stop bullshitting yourself into continual non-awakening. It’s very easy to use disciplines to avoid reality rather

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Exodus: Coming Out of Gross Manifestations [Part 1 of 3]

From The Holy Bible In the Light of Kriya: Exodus Moses: The Inward Attention      The sacral center represents the liquid state of vibration (water element).  The inner nucleus War between outward attention and inward attention in this center will

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Bhagavad Gita: Demonic Qualities of Asuras, the Evil People

by Jayaram V Demonic qualities (asura sampada) are the tendencies (pravrittis) that are opposed to God and liberation. They interfere with our spiritual practice by creating mental afflictions (klesas) and disturbances (vrittis) and lead us in the wrong direction (durgati).

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Who or What are the Archons?

An archon, in the Gnosticism of late antiquity, referred to several servants of…the “creator god” that stood between the human race and a transcendent God that could only be reached through gnosis [spiritual knowledge/divine insight/enlightenment]. In this context they have

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Divine paradox: being individual and one

The relationship between the relative and the absolute, both being individual, can be compared to the sun and the sunrays, or, in more abstract terms, to ‘the whole’ and its innumerable ‘parts’.  God as the Whole is one, undivided and

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Is there a Secret Space Program called Solar Warden?

Since approximately 1980, a secret space fleet code named ‘Solar Warden’ has been in operation unknown to the public… Is this nonsense, is it a conspiracy or is it simply so sensitive that it will cause uproar around the world?

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Predator vs. Protector

by freefall Contributor, Looking back on my life, I see that much of its meaning was derived from my gradual transformation from the externally indoctrinated predator (wolf) to the inner-directed protector (sheepdog). The sheepdog has always been my true

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