Hillary Clinton Raped MK Ultra Mind Control Slave Cathy O’Brien

Excerpt from Trance Formation of America:

SOURCE: http://www.trance-formation.com/

Hall’s wife led me away and locked me in a back bedroom. After an indeterminate period of time, I heard her telephone Hillary at the guest villa. She then drove me up the mountain through the dark to meet with Hillary Clinton.

Although I had previously met Hillary we had very little to say to each other- particularity since I was still dazed and tranced from the tortures I had endured at the CIA Near Death Trauma Center in Lampe. Hillary knew I was a mind- controlled slave, and, like Bill Clinton, just took it in stride as a “normal” part of life in politics, Hillary was fully clothed and stretched out on the bed sleeping when Hall’s wife and I arrived. “Hillary, I brought you something you’ll really enjoy. Kind of an unexpected surprise. Bill ordered her out of the meeting and I look her to my bedroom and made an interesting discovery. She is literally a two- faced (referring to my vaginal mutilation carving) bitch,” “Hmm?” Hillary opened her eyes and sleepily roused herself “Show me.”

Hall’s wife ordered me to take my clothes off while Hillary watched. “Is she clean?” Hillary asked, meaning disease free. “Of course, she’s (Senator) Byrd’s,” she responded, continuing the conversation as though I were not there, “Plus, I heard Houston say something about her being a Presidential Model, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.”

“It means she’s clean,” Hillary said matter-of-factly as she stood up.

Hall’s wife patted the bed and instructed me to display the mutilation.

Hillary exclaimed, “God!” and immediately began performing oral sex on me.

Apparently aroused by the carving in my vagina,

Hillary stood up and quickly peeled out of her matronly nylon panties and pantyhose. Uninhibited despite a long day in the hot sun, she gasped, “Eat me, oh, god, eat me now”. I had no choice but to comply with her orders, and Bill Hall’s wife made no move to join me in my distasteful task. Hillary had resumed examining my hideous mutilation and performing oral sex on me when Bill Clinton walked in. Hillary lifted her head to ask, “How’d it go?”

Clinton appeared totally unaffected by what he walked into, tossed his jacket on a chair and said, “It’s official. I‘m exhausted. I‘m going to bed.”

I put my clothes on as ordered, and Hall’s wife drove me back down to the mansion where Houston was waiting for me…

Project MK Ultra, the CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification – Joint Hearing Ninety Fifth Congress, August 3, 1977:

Click to access 13inmate_ProjectMKULTRA.pdf

More information:




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4 comments on “Hillary Clinton Raped MK Ultra Mind Control Slave Cathy O’Brien
  1. Jeannette Poulson says:

    All of this sounds credible, but anyone can make a claim or write a book, and ascertain it as substantiated evidence. This has not been proven by anyone other than the parties involved. I do believe Cathy O’ Brien believes this to be true. I think possibly it may be due to false memory syndrome especially since this took place during her childhood. This falls to many sexual violence victims, especially children, which I do believe Cathy may have been a victim of. But I won’t point to her upbringing since I do not know her, It’s interesting that there have been no psychological evaluations. I’d think there would be due to the fact that she was a trauma victim, and that there would be some sort of psychological damage. Corruption is everywhere, even in our government, but there are many things to take into consideration before making such claims. For one the female genital mutilation. The clitoris is so fragile that it would be impossible to carve anything in it let alone a face, and most certainly two “eyeballs.” One would be left with mutilation rather than a “face.” Talk to an actual FGM survivor. Picture is superimposed, shameful! and I am a Christian, but don’t discount logic. This is only my opinion.

  2. Jerry “Fumble” Ford served on the Warren Whitewash Commission, only unelected president

    and the only pardon without a trial or a conviction…. CFR racketeer….

  3. Randal s Turner says:

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