Why Politics in Hip Hop?

In the information age, politics has become nothing more than a psychological operation against the public by a global, corporate oligarchy, with the end-game being complete world domination, for the benefit of the few over the many. This global tyranny, exercised as an extension of war through politics, is the driving force and motivation of [anti]political rapper, El*A*Kwents, hailing from the small state of New Hampshire (Live Free or Die).

El*A*Kwents got into writing politically-themed rhymes around 1999, going into the 2000 (s)election of George Walker Bush, and culminating in the attacks (false-flag) against the World Trade Center (Twin Towers & WTC Building #7) and the Pentagon. Around this time, at the age of 19-20, El*A*Kwents was naive, for the most part, still beLIEving that the “system” was working for the people to some degree, although flawed, at best. As the events of 9/11/01 led to the unlawful invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, El*A*Kwents began to seriously question the entire political process in the United States. He came to learn that the whole thing is nothing but a charade; politics is theatrics staged for public consumption. There was no real choice, only the illusion of choice. It quickly became apparent Democrats and Republicans were in fact the same party and that is the party of money, deception, and self-service to the few over the many.

At this time, El*A*Kwents heavily began researching all aspects of American politics; the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the American Revolution, the Civil War, and Current Affairs were just the tip of the iceberg in regard to studying, and understanding, American political trajectory. What he found was at stake, beyond his own sense of freedom, liberty, and happiness, was the fight for all of humanity and it’s future existence. With knowledge, understanding, a sense of right and wrong, as well as direction, El*A*Kwents felt time was on his side if he broke the shackles of his own conditioning, preconceived ideas, embedded perspectives, and faulty perceptions.

The element of Hip Hop music esteemed El*A*Kwents with a foundation to build upon. The engagement of self-expression in the form of beats and lyrics, empowered El*A*Kwents to take a stand (even if that determined him to stand alone) and to further push himself to dig deeper in his own mind and heart for answers and solutions to the human crisis. He realized that the United States of America was intertwined with global politics, not simply of the current day, but going back hundreds, potentially even thousands of years. There were a vast number of missing links, or in-fact, omitted links and bits of information from the narrative playing out locally and globally, on the political stage.

Around the 2004 Presidential (s)Elections between Yale graduates (and Skull and Bones Chapter 322 Fraternal Brothers), George Walker Bush and John Forbes Kerry, El*A*Kwents decided to look at third party candidates and independent candidates. He researched the Green Party, the Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party, among others and Independent candidates, and to his dismay, found that these parties and candidates were forbidden from even participating at debates between Democrats and Republicans. Further, he was discouraged that these third party candidates and independents were stifled by so-called election laws, putting demands on candidates to garner massive amounts of signatures to merely get on a ballot. This red-tape was encountered by third party and independent candidates not once at a federal level, but 50 times, in each and every state of the Union.

It turns out that most third parties were and in-large part, are controlled opposition. Many of the alleged people’s movements around these parties appear as grass-roots, starting at the ground with the people. However, through diligent research and real-life experience, it became obvious many of these third parties and the candidates they put forward, were being funded, backed, and manipulated by hidden forces. These third parties were astro-turf created with the intent to capture the attention, focus, money, and action of good-to-do people who were fed up with the Republicrats.

The 2008 Presidential (s)Elections came and went all just the same. El*A*Kwents, although against his intuition, voted yet again, with false-hopes and misplaced optimism. This was the final straw in any confidence or trust in the “system”. Really, deep-down, El*A*Kwents always knew it was a ruse, and the more he researched and lived his life attempting to participate in this system, the more he allowed himself to disengage from this vampire. There was no way he was going to waste any more time and energy, or his consent, on this life-sucking vampire known as the United States government. It’s rotten to the core, and everyone can see it now.

El*A*Kwents abstained from voting in 2012 and refuses to vote again. When the voting machines are now automated computers, owned by private corporations, with no paper trail, and the votes are counted in private, for profit, then there is nothing except folly and foolishness left as your false-choice. The corrupt Supreme Court has ruled money and campaign contributions are protected by free speech. Foreign governments can create non-profit corporations/social welfare organizations called a 501(c)4 (interesting to note it’s called a C-4, an explosive). These social welfare organizations can be started and funded by foreign governments with no need to disclose who they are or where the money is coming from. Plus, since 2001, Congress has passed P.A.T.R.I.O.T. ACT I & II, the Military Commissions Act, and the National Defense Authorization Act, amid a mess of other unconstitutional and outright tyrannical bills, violating individual’s rights, limiting freedom, and enabling spying and the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without notice to anyone, and without the right to a phone call, or to take counsel to defend oneself, nor even a trial. Corporations have been ruled to be Persons and have been granted the rights of human beings. The human beings running these corporate persons have been deemed free from personal liability and personal responsibility, for their corrupt, criminal actions. The state of the Union and the world is in peril, and it is unacceptable and dangerous to all life on the planet. This is what influences and drives the [anti]political rapper El*A*Kwents to continue his path, with Hip Hop music as a tool, for the purpose of informing and activating his peers and his people (all of humanity).

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